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"Rules...we've got some rules around here..."
  • Don't upload anything pornographic! Show Details
    No masturbation, sex, extreme "playing", or playing the "look what I can fit in here" game =) [ close ]
  • Make sure the mod is clear and visible! Show Details
    Blurred photos are lame. A photo of you on your bad ass jet-ski does not show off a lip piercing. A photo that's 35x35 pixels is too damn small. Get a better camera =) [ close ]
  • Only upload photos of YOU or YOUR work! Show Details
    No, you can't upload photos of your friend's "hella sick tattie". No you can't upload a pic you found on the interwebs. [ close ]
  • Only one photo of each mod is necessary! Show Details
    Don't upload 25 different shots of your PA here. There's a place on the mod page for that. Multiple sessions of a tattoo, or levels of stretching are ok =) [ close ]
  • Photos of Tattoos, Piercings, or Hardcore mods only! Show Details
    No drawings of "what you're going to get". No photos jewelry not in your body. And no photos of llamas...ever! Damn llamas... [ close ]
  • Violating these rules will get it deleted =) Show Details
    Yep. We're like that. And if you keep doing it we'll close your account for being lame. No one likes lame people! DON'T BE LAME! [ close ]
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