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<%= strMSNAddress %> BrotherMatt
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11/6/2013 4:52:00 PM
Forum Posts
Favorite Movies
X-men(all) Transformers, 300, KONG
Favorite Music
HxC (you should know what it is...)
Favorite Books
anything by Shalom Ashe
Favorite TV
Battlestar Galactica
Favorite Artists
Tatting. piercing, reading (alot)
Piercist/ Artist
School of HArd KNocks
In Relationship
Future Mods
h-eb, larger lobes...
Turn Ons
Ink, an open mind
Turn Offs
self centeredness, judgeMENTALism
Join Date
5/10/2004 7:24:00 PM
Favorite Quote
Death May Come (see my back)
Lost Angels
BrotherMatt ( Lost Angels, CA : US )
When it comes to my ink- I do it to represent something that people can understand- I'm not into collecting art for arts sake- or being a canvas for someone else's peices.. and the messages of my ink is blatant.. if that matters to anyone. I can't ignore their meanings...

retired: 14g eyebrow, 14g earl, 2nd lobe gauges 2g, 14g labret, 6g snake bites

MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC: HxC Music, peircings, tats, women, the HxC scene, SoCal local bands, just chillin' w/people

Music: [[SIGNED]]: As I Lay dying,The Devil Wears Prada, Inhale/Exhale, Haste The Day, Norma-Jean (Luti-Kriss), Beloved, The Amazing xSHOCKWAVEx, Demon Hunter, freakin The amazing AGONY SCENE, Evanescence (just cuz of Living Sacrifice/ Mind Rage/ Soul Embrace(Rocky is amazing)members), Blindside sometimes... Embodyment too... xDisciple ADx, Evergreen Terrace, hopesfall, Dodgin Bullets, Narcissus, Nodes of Ranvier, Zao (occasionally), Slektvalt, Chevelle, Cease-Fire, Self-MinDEAD, Truth Be Known, Syphony in Peril, Society's Finest, Figure Four, Underoath, Indwelling
_[[LOCAL SIGNED]]_: as I lay dying, Project 86 (yes, P.86, get over it), The Death Campaign (post- Officer Negative/ Akeldema), Sinai Beach, anything on FACEDOWN RECORDS, CafFiends, Falling Cycle, POD, Stavesacre (so?!), Count The Cost, Beauty To Ashes, Life or Death, Halo Friendlies

_[[R.I.P.]]_: NIV (THE FLOOR IS YOURS), Grace Like Winter, Living Sacrifice (REEEE-JECT), Grace Like Winter, Focal Point, Strongarm (noone will ever be like them...), The Crucified (mosh into a circling pit, slam into a power trip...), Eso- Charis, Anguish Unsaid, Focal Point, Like David, Still Breathing, Overcome, Embrace These Hands _[[UNSIGNED]]_: Shadowen
_[[LOCAL UNSIGNED]]_: xDEATHSTARx, Istra, Sojourn, The Black Tie Suicides, Tiffani Lenders, Bleeding Kansas, John G, Eos Exos, Inspired To Die, Trauma, Dying Inside To See Him, Fallen Hero, GENOSHA, Marshmallow Forest Fire (RIP?), The Human Condition, The Scarred

Movies: Flash Gordan, The Matrix, Lord of the Rings (except RotK- wayyy too much cryin- & really no surprises), X-Men, Fight Club, Natural Born Killers, Kill Bill, Nightmare Before Xmas, Pulp Fiction, Blade, Spawn the animated series, no comedies, Charlie's Angels, Vanilla Sky, Shrek, Unbreakable, Star Wars, Momento, Donny Darko, Night of the Iguana, Animae (Japination is so-so) (Fave animations: The Specialist, Akira, Animatrix,Cowboy Be Bop, Ninja Scrolls, Orguss 02, Angel Cop & the Patlabor series +more)...

Television: Star Trek, Angel, CSI (both of them), Futurama, Space Ghost (either show), Smallville (um, just cuz' I'm a Superman fan), Boston Public, Alias, Law & Order CI- really not much a tv watcher, Mutant X, [adult swim]

Books I Judas, Ben-Hur, A Hobbits Tale, The Bible (duh), Grapes of Wrath, anything by Neil Gaiman (Sandman), almost any X-men trade paperback (New X-men), any Wolverine series (except Xisles/ Logan), DC Elseworlds/ Dark Horse comics, Apostle by Shalom Asch (as well as anything he's done)The Left Behind series (even though they're a little off), Comix (preferrably trade paperbacks)

Heroes Jesus.... Mr Rogers- cuz' his life meant something... he was a vegetarian- he made time for people- and his mild-mannered ways won everyone over.. anyone who can stand for something- and draw near to them those who would believe the same... let me get back to you on it if there's others....
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