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Real Name
Rachel Berry
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1/6/2014 4:58:00 PM
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Favorite Movies
the Saw trilogy, Blade, thirteenth ghost.
Favorite Music
Anything that catches my fancy - mainly rock and m
Favorite Books
Far too many to list - favouriote authors are Tore
Favorite TV
America's next top model, Lost, Neighbours, South Park.
Reading, socialising.
Sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll =P
Dental Assistant
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Future Mods
Rook to conch industrial, nipples, bridge, christina, small piece of scarification, some B&G ink.
Turn Ons
Dominance, nice eyes, fashion sense, piercings
Turn Offs
Bad breath, acne, fat people, persistent guys
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2/23/2007 5:22:00 PM
Favorite Quote
Someone thinks of you each night before they sleep
Amplexus ( Unknown )
- My mum just came home with two baby guinea pigs... Not happy.
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Hello Lovlies,
My name is Rachel, I live in the UK and have done my entire life. I think it's a lovely place to live in if you turn a blind eye to the crippling tax system, corrupt government, constant rain and poor education system. Seriously, I like it here!

I have a beautiful little girl that provides me with the motivation to become a better person. I'm a fully qualified dental nuse, currently working in an orthodontic practice. Any other DCP's out there? I'm studying for my qualifications in dental impression taking and radiography right now, wish me luck!

As for the modification side of things, I've had to tone it down a little for my current job. I had my tongue stretched to 3.2mm. I wasn't keen on retiring it but it began to effect my speech anyhow. I also retired my nape as it had never healed in the 4 years that I had it! I think it's time to concentrate on the tattoo's now. I will only ever have B&G, and my theme is flowers.

PM me if you like, I'm only on here once in a blue moon, but I will always eventually reply x
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