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2/19/2014 2:26:00 AM
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Favorite Movies
Black Beauty
Favorite Music
Classical, Folk and Electronic!
Favorite Books
Favorite TV
Walking Dead & Game of Thrones
Favorite Artists
Luis Royo & Ray Bradbury
Art, writing, photography and music.
The Fats and a great love of all things horse!
Not Looking
Kinneret, Israel
Future Mods
A few more tattoos.
Turn Ons
Thing One
Turn Offs
Thing Two
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1/20/2013 3:58:00 AM
Favorite Quote
Turn your wounds into wisdom.
Xoloitzu ( Unknown )
Call me doctor, Dr. Sly.

23 year old female, Washington USA.
Single; not looking but always willing to make new friends-especially those in-state.

I have:
2x Helix (Retired)
2x Tongue(Retired)
2x Flat Punch (4g)
2x Lobes (4g)
5x Lobes(18g)

2x Palm Tattoos
2x Forearm Tattoos

I enjoy traditional and digital art, photography, reading, writing and equestrianism. I am a Christian of ten years and although I don't push my beliefs or expectations on others, I do not enjoy reckless and disrespectful opinions. Difference is something to celebrate and admire; being right doesn't automatically make somebody wrong.

I love nearly all kinds of music, but especially enjoy classical and electronic hybrids. I'm looking to expand my horizons and take an acting class this spring for the heck of it. I'm also re-learning the violin after 13 years of radio-silence and am trying to actually learn to read music for once!

Local of Seattle or Sound area? In need of an amateur photographer? I'm no pro, but I can produce some mean portraits!

Feel free to hit me up for Skype contact if you'd like to chat. It's a shame, but I certainly don't bite!
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