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ronnie200sx ( Unknown )
Male, as you would guess by the pics.

Sorry but im very straight indeed!!

I love large gauge piercings and love the weight hanging down.

check out all my pics, comment if you like!!

List of current mods:
Left nipple bar.
right ear scaffold now replaced with labret to front and screw to rear.
Prince albert stretched past 12mm.
apadravya stretched to 4mm.
Right leg, self done tattoo of koi and cherry blossoms, work in progress...

old piercings:
Snake bite
Ears stretched to 12mm
Down stairs department:-
Frenum curved bar halfway between scrotum and Prince albert.
scrotum lower stretched to 4mm but got ripped out at work.
Scrotum upper stretched to 14mm but got caught in jeans and was like running with a bag of blades down there so was removed.

soon to be removed is prince albert as i plan to stretch apadravya to 10mm maybe more depending on what i can find to use and the pain it causes.

maybe more to come!!!!
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