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Heavy Modder
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2/14/2020 8:49:00 PM
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Favorite Movies
clock work orange, pulp fiction
Favorite Music
Hardcore, metal, rock, jazz
Favorite Books
victor kelleher, nick earls,
reading, researching vampires & body modification, going to shows, art hosue films and theatre
high school
melbourne australia
Future Mods
2 x microdermal anchors on either side of chest, left nipple, tounge, vertical tragus
Turn Ons
surface holes, dermal anchors, vampire fangs
Turn Offs
dirty ears, penis cutting.
Join Date
1/16/2007 4:51:00 AM
Favorite Quote
your canadian friend, where is he from?
ayay ( MELBOURNE : AU )
- is going to be marilyn monroe for halloween
hey im ayla!
if you drop by my page dont be a stalker leave a comment and say howdy

If i lurk you and dont leave a message please dont add me as a friend, i add people as friends if i talk to them sorry =]

i like foods, all kinds of foods, and i cook alot.

scroll down for mods info :D

im terrible with pain...
so ive had 18 piercings now

6 retiered:
- sternum [8 months bad placement]
- rook [drove me crazy]
- belly button [didnt want it had it for a whole week!]
- 2x nipple [one vert one horizontal, both crooked and too deep didnt heal]
- 2x horizontal nipples [14g]
- 1x vertical labret [16g was sick during so it didnt take]
- 1X Septum [12g bad jewellery]

9 im wearing:
- 4Xlobe piercings [2x 8mm / 2x 14g]
- 2X nose piercings [16g]
- 2x tongue piercings [venoms 14g]
- 1x vertical clit hood [14g curved barbel]

i wont be posting my 'private' piercings because alot of people that go to my school use this website to browse.. and i wouldent like pictures of my genitals all over school. sorry.

for more info please read on:

basically body modification consumes my life

it is now all i do on the internet.
it is all i talk about
it is mostly all i think about
its all i reasearch
and the history is amazing

and gosh i wish it was more socially understood and accepted.

my favourite scarification artist is wade dunn
my piercers are pete and lou at the piercing urge in melbourne.
they also tought be how to do body piercing

i like hardcore/death metal mostly.

oh and i cant spell
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