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Bella Obscura
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Bella Obscura ( Unknown )
Bella Obscura is Montreal, Canada's first and only Flesh Hook Suspension group to fuse Fetish Theater, High Fashion and Macabre performance.

Nebula X (Montreal\Planet X) and Emily Badsville (Montreal\Australia), have combined elements of fetish, circus, burlesque with a twist of humor reminiscent to old time carnival freak show to give way to a genre of performance new to the nightlife of Montreal.

Bella Obscura has headlined cabaret, fetish events and stared in international music videos.
With Nebula’s solid background in dance, conceptual performance art and event production and Badsville’s excellence in fashion couture and prop assemblage, this eccentric and obscene duo are seen as Montreal’s boundary crushing living nightmare.

"Get in line boys and girls and bring your perversions with you." - Nebula X
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