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MysticWasteland ( Billings, MT : US )
- run and tell that...
Terribly neglected bodymod page, I'm much more active on fb. We are lucky enough to call Montana home, and I try to be outside as much as humanly possible. Montana is far too beautiful of a state to be cooped up. Go exploring! We are a family of students. ManMan starts school this year, Indigo's in 2nd grade, I'm in my second year of nursing school, and Adam, your usually friendly head moderator, is finishing summer semester (and complaining every minute of it). We are a perfectly normal family, with the most vanilla lifestyle imaginable. We created and hosted's main event, Skindependence these past 4 years bringing site members from all over the world to good ol' Billings, Montana for weekends full of amazing memories. Our suspension team, Off the Hook, dissolved last year, but the friends we have made along the way have become family. I love my freaky family to pieces, and am loyal as a pit bull, so be forewarned. Without family, there is nothing, and I will go to great lengths for those I love. I can also make a mean batch of cupcakes. <3 <3
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