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whippet ( Unknown )
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Facebook "Whippet NeedleArt"

Hi! I've spent the past eight years in the BDSM scene as a sadomasochist in Perth Australia.

For the past three years, I was exploring some aspects of body modification - mainly with hook piercing, pulls and suspensions. We also investigated and explored liquid nitrogen branding techniques. I am now looking at increasing my skills in these areas - as a top and a bottom - also looking at heat breanding using pyropen.

I have been qualified and registered as an acupuncturist for 12 years and so needle play is an obvious area of interest and skill for me. I enjoy the creative expression.

I n January 2012 I co-ordinated a team of us to conduct a successful needle suspension on MsMetalRat with 200+ needles. I then went up, under the guidance of our team, with 240x 22g needles, in April 2012.

It may appear strange to some people, that I have no tattoos or permanent piercings at all. Every piercing or dermal I have had, has rejected so I don't bother anymore.
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