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9/24/2022 2:15:00 AM
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Favorite Movies
Clockwork Orange, Christopher Walken movies
Favorite Music
Electric Six, punk, other stuff
Favorite Books
A Clockwork Orange. Love Palahniuk, Vonnegut.
Favorite TV
The Simpsons, Louie
Favorite Artists
All sorts 'o' stuff. I'M CRAFTY
Dark chocolate and peanut butter
Costume shop staff
Bachelor degree in Fashion Design
A place in MD
Future Mods
A lot
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Cool stuff
Turn Offs
Lame things
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1/2/2007 8:06:00 PM
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won't fit here
Pinkie ( Allston, MA : US )
- feels like her ears are naked after taking out so many more piercings...
I currently have 16 holes...other than the ones I was born with after just recently taking out 5 of them. Both ears have 9/16" lobes (which is my permanent size) and a 14 industrial. I also have one 14g piercing in each nostril, one 6g in my septum, 14g snake bites, one 14g upper navel piercing, a 14g smiley, a 14g VCH and both nipples pierced at 14g (but there won't be any pictures of that up on the infrawurbs...ever).
I am currently waiting a looooong time for my ears to heal up from the many piercings I have taken out so that I can get re-pierced with better placement and get them looking how I really want them.

I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and one of my little "things" is that I can't be asymmetrical. So any piercing I get, I have to get on both sides.

I have three tattoos. The two I have posted here, and a large straight edge tattoo on my leg which I choose not to post pictures of for fear of it being copied...

Future mods:
Getting my second holes re-pierced and stretching them to 4g
Getting my 3rd holes re-pierced and stretching them to 8g
14g conch piercing in each ear
14g three-point helix hawk in each ear
14g tongue piercing years from now
Four more 14g navel piercings

Retired piercings:
14g vertical labret
14g tragus piercing in each ear
3 14g piercings in each ear lobe, 2 in each helix

I'm 22, was born and raised in Maryland (Baltimore area) and live in Boston sharing an apartment with some friends and my soon-to-be husband (October 22nd).
I have a fashion design degree and currently work making costumes for a performing arts school.
I like to sew and do crafts, read books and comics, go to shows, play video games.
I'm vegan and straight edge.
I've got pet rats.

Oh and I've got one of these:
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