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surgicalsweets ( Unknown )
- got some sweet metal in my nipples today :)
Hey everyone my names Emmalee i worked at fleshwound in our city wellington and am currently about to begin piercing at cosmetics plus in lowerhutt. Im 17, Bodymodification and me have a love affair and ive got PDA written all over my face. Hope to one day move over to germany and gain full residencey and pierce there learning more than what i can here in Newzealand. I love what i do and always put my customers health and safety before any intention i have of piercing. I am confident, accurate and make the customer feel comfortable with my knowledge.

As I once read, "An undecorated body, is a wasted body" And the purpose of a canvas/paper is to express on it weather it be pencil, paint and many other things.And this is the way i see bodies. Because i like to 'express' myself there is no difference between the art work i do, and the person that i am physically.It should make sence that everyone has different personalities and that this can also be reflected asthetically too.We really are living in a fake world.A world where people can undergo cozmetic surgery and it is accepted... but getting a simple nose ring can't be?

Not everyone understands how it feels to be born with something missing, as if extra arm or leg was ment to be there. Not everyone see's the appearance of a human body as something that should be decorated in the same way that i do. From the begining- I am an artistic person I think differently therefore i present myself differently - art is all about thinking outside of the box and i am art. The world needs variation and needs to wake up to this.

The way that i look, the place that i work, the lifestyle that i lead simply makes me feel perfect and complete in a physical and mental sence you couldnt comprehend. So exuse me for being myself - being as happy as i can be and waking up to a world who see's even the smallest lip stud as 'strange' I didnt ask to be born but just because my perseption of beautey is different - doesn't mean i should need to change who i am. I am an incredible human being just like you that breaths the same air and is born with all the same rights too- so why should i or anyone else be discriminated?

I couldnt care less that most of the majority of the earth think different to me, I embrase it. The people who share the same views - i welcome them for they are also free from the restrictions of expression and love that this world doesnt condone. I would rather have as many friends as i could count the fingers on a single hand than 50 who are completly narrow minded or untrue to who they are.

So one day i thought even if the world rejects me because i am not seen as this bland definition of 'beautiful' then so be it, I dont want to be like anyone that has ever walked passed me as if they never knew the world variation.

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