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twitchhorror ( Amsterdam : NL )
- i want new ink
well im bram a.k.a twitch-horror
from holland
i love body mod's and body play
i am a fire artist

my MOD'S

split tongue *(DIY by tie off )
26 mm l lobe(the right one broke )
8 mm l+r lobe
1.6 mm l+r tragus
1.6mm industrial r
1.6mm industrial l
1.6mm conch r
1.6mm cheek l+r
6 x 1.6mm side labrets
12 mm centerd labret
2 x 1.6 madonnas
1.6 mm maedus
3 mm septum
1.6 mm nostril l+r
2 x 1.6 mm brige
2 x 1.2 mm eyebrow l
1.2 mm anti eyebrow r+l
1.6 mm horizontal nipple l+r
1.6 mm vertical nipple l+r
6 mm navel
2 x 1.6 mm lower navel
3.2 mm P.A
1.2 mm scrotal
1.6 mm pubic
3 x 1.6 Frenum Ladder
15 tattoo's

most of my piercings ar DIY
if you have a problem with thad
give me money to go to a pro or shut up

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