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Sharli ( Unknown )
American woman from the Dirty South, living in the Netherlands and trying to figure out what the heck is goin' on! I draw (portraits, a lot) and am in the beginning stages of tattooing. I'm also Content Manager and (African) safari expert for My interests include tattooing, travelling, motorcycles, body modification, suspention, Africa, internationality, arts, roadtripping, testing my limits...
I'm open to everything; Ya cain't scare meee! ;)

My Mods...
1. Tattoo of the word WOMAN on the right side of my neck.
2. Stretched ear lobe, now at 14mm, my highest size was 20mm, i recently downsized.
3. Tongue piercing.
4. Tattoo of 3 dice on my right arm.
5. Tattoo on the inside of my bottom lip of the text HARD (and my friend has CORE).
6. Ex-Mod: belly button piercing.
7. Self-pierced on my right ear just above my tunnel/ear stretch.
8. Arm piece of 3 roses with baroque-style forms rapping around it. (worked with the dice on my arm).
9. Sometimes i poke holes here and there, temporarily. Know what i mean? :P
10. Back piece of "Bosschennaar" and the coat of arms of the city i live in: Den Bosch. With a crown as well.

Current Goals...
1. Next tattoos: A. Large eagle piece tattooed across my chest. B. Old school pocket-watch compass on my foot.

2. Maybe i split my tongue.

3. 4-way crossed nipple piercings.
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