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southtownbaby ( Fort Smith, AR : US )
My name is Misty, and I have been working as a professional body piercer since 2005. I love my job, and have been lucky enough to have a steady career doing what I am passionate about and a husband who supports me in what I do.
As for the what and the where about me, here it is: antibrows, double nostril, septum, vertical labret, dermal anchors on my chest and stomach, 5/8" earlobes(and growing), navel, and VCH, and a few others that I never wear anymore. I have some scarification work on my left calf, and my tattoos extend from my shoulders to midway down my right thigh. It is a work in progress, but it is coming together nicely.

Suspension definitely has my heart, I completely love it! I do a little writing for Hook Life in my free time. Make sure to check it out, and if you have any suspension events coming up let me know!

Well, I suppose that is about it. I am pretty much an open book, so if there is something I forgot feel free to ask!

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