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Missy Cyanide
Heavy Modder
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7/4/2010 12:49:00 AM
Forum Posts
Favorite Movies
Requiem of a Dream, Spun, Fear and Loathing, Amelie, Underworld 1&2, Corpse Bride
Favorite Music
Unter Null, Suicide Commando, Angelspit, Genitorturers, Razed in Black, the Birthday Massacre, etc
Favorite Books
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Thursday's Child, Go Ask Alice, anything Neil Gaiman and Hunter S.
Favorite TV
Family Guy, American Dad, Scrubs, Grey's Anatomy (!!!), Cartoons: Felix the Cat, the Big Knights
Favorite Artists
Dave McKean, Mark Ryden, Ralph Steadman
Making clothes/cyber falls, painting, sketching and play piercings
My Obsessive Compulsive disorder... Perfectionism and Anxiety
Freelance Model, Resident Layabout
Hiiiiggggh School, currently Home Schooling
Not here...
Future Mods
My nape, tongue web, back corset, ears (daith, rook, anti tragus, tragus, vertical tragus, industrials)
Turn Ons
Rad hair, eyeliner, PVC, interesting piercings, intellect, platform boots, neon pink :)
Turn Offs
Bad breath, body hair, shaved heads, badly drawn on eyebrows, anything Nightmare Before Christmas, morons and Emos.. Pffffft
Join Date
10/2/2006 6:06:00 AM
Missy Cyanide ( Unknown )
- : There is nO such thing as pain- there is only iintense physiical sensation- wisest wOrds effar :D
Hey there my name is Kas...
I am a neon fiend addicted to Raspberry Twisters
I am currently based in Adelaide, South Australia
I love wearing heels - I live in the things!
In my spare time I am a freelance model..
[ALL hair and makeup is done by ME!]
I also make Dread Falls - as seen in some of my pics.. If you are interested in a set, contact me on Myspace - my link is located at the bottom of this box :D
I am a bit of a body piercer, I will put my work up soon
I currently have pierced...
2x Septum.
Star Skin Diver in Throat.
Vertical Labret.
16mm lobes.
4mm Second set of lobes.
Both Tragus.
Left Rim.
Right Cartilage Spider Bite.
Right Rook.
Both Nipples.

And Tatts..,
Diving Swallows on my Chest
Heart Locket with Angel of Death Wings on my lower back
Alice's Teaparty- beginning of right arm half sleeve
An Amonite Shell on the back of my left shoulder
Tiny pink hearts on both Pinky Fingers
An Ankh on my Right Thumb
A Black Biohazard on my Left Forearm.
4 Black and Pink Stars on my Right Forearm.
XLII on my right wrist
Skull and X Bones on the Back of My Neck.
Black and Pink Polka Dot Bows on the Back of my Thighs

My Twitter
My DeviantArt
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