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Suzanne ( Adelaide : AU )
- Its been a long time but I am updating my profile! New pics and new mods!
I am a body piercer working currently for Modify Body Piercing Studio located in Adelaide Australia.

From our website:

Suzanne has over 6 years of experience and still loves sharing her passion with others.

Her favourite piercings to do are Nose piercings, Daith piercings and conch piercings.

After working in a few different studios, growing tired of the lack of options available in the Adelaide piercing industry and the lack of jewellery styles available, Suzanne decided that opening a new piercing studio was what the Adelaide CBD needed.

In November 2009, Modify was opened to the public and is going strong. Suzanne is always researching new and updated methods for sterilization and piercing to make sure that Adelaide is always up to date on new procedures.

Over the years she has worked closely with the Adelaide Health Department, answering any questions they may have about certain aspects of our industry they may have. She has worked on a team to organise a piercing industry specific workshop with the Adelaide Health Department that covered topics from basic hand washing to anatomy, sterilization and blood borne pathogens.

These work shops were attended by piercers and tattooist from all over the state and were the 1st step in creating a up to date and safe piercing industry in Adelaide.

She has also given a presentation at the 2010 annual EHO [Environmental Health Officer] conference about how the piercing industry works in Adelaide, what they should look for when entering into a studio and new types of styles of piercings that they may need to deal with complaints.

In 2010 she worked with the Hepatitis C council to do workshops in schools outlining the risks of piercing themselves, their friends and how they can contract Hep C through unsafe body art. She was joined by a tattoo artist.

In 2011, Suzanne is again working with the South Australian Health Department to run another sterilization workshop for piercing and tattoo studios in Adelaide.

During the time where new laws regarding body piercing and tattooing in South Australia were being introduced, Suzanne was asked to give Radio interviews on ABC radio and FIVEaa.

She is trained in 1st aid, CPR and Bloodborne Pathogens.
She also has taken classes at the Association of Professional Piercings regarding: Anatomey: The structure of an Aesthetic Piercing, Client Home Care, Business Management, Exploring the O'Needle, Initial Jewellery: Size and Style, Surface anchors, Trouble shooting (piercing related), Stretching and a workshop in Sterilisation and piercing room room set-up.

At the APP conference both Harmony and Suzanne took as many classes as possible to further our knowledge, which is why the listed classes are different from Harmony's.

Her favourite piercings on herself are her cheek piercings.

Her favourite jewellery to wear in her ears are her 00g gold mayan style tunnels and her 35mm gold lotus tunnels From Tawapa, in her nose and cheeks she usually wears Anatometal jewellery and in her septum and daiths she wears 14k gold diamond clickers from Venus by Maria Tash body jewellery.

She has had a numerous different piercings but currently has:
- Cheeks,
- Double nose
- Upper flats 00g
- 35mm lobes
- Septum
- Daith [both ears]
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