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3/11/2011 10:55:00 PM
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horror and comedy. i HATE dramas
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everything except christian. mostly metal and alt
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talking to much
in college
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11/6/2008 11:20:00 AM
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Nature delights in diversity. Why can't we?
deathsadancer ( Methuen, MA : US )
- Cynamin skin bringing sin to my mind

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First of all, don't be a creeper. If you wander upon this and don't think i would completeli hate you, send me an add.

I'm Cyn. 20. Shitfuck Mass. Feisty. Deserves to be committed. Realist. Taken. God free, but spiritual. Not a bad kid, but I'm not too good either. I'm not trying to be anything I'm not.

I joined this site because i love pretty much every form of body modification. i believe that your body is just a blank canvas for you to adorn and decorate to show appretiation of yourself not an act of self mutilation as some describe it as. I have pretty much mi entire body mapped out with piercings and tattoos and I'm slowly making these images reality.

Loves : Tattoos, Piercings, mary jane, the 50's, 60's, 90', Dreads, bonfires, thunderstorms, breakfast!, loud music, bruises, personal style, healthy skin, grossing people out, fast car drives, good graffitti, nice eyebrows, black and white animals, living in the moment

Hates : Even numbers, Music not in my ear(makes my body hurt.), Homophobia, children with sad faces, Drama, bad graffitti, people being taken for granted, pets being treated badly :(

Lately I've been getting a lot of questions about my piercings so I thought this list could lend some clarity. :
I put what the current ones are, how many times I've repierced them, and the ones that are no longer there

4 cartilage (left) (x2 at least)
5 cartilage (right) (x2 at least)
4 lobe on each
7/16 gauge in both second holes
tragus on each
conch on each
RIP industrial (left)
RIP daith (left)
RIP antitragus (right)
RIP rook (right)

Dermal (right eye)
2 Nostril (x 2 left nostril x5 right nostril)
Septum (x2)
Medusa (x3)
Vertical labret
2 Dahlias
RIP Dermal by left eye
Rip Smiley

Nape (x2)
2 Nippples (left x2)
Dermal on belly button
Vertical hood
RIP 2 Wrists
RIP 3 Dermals on collarbone
RIP 2 Dermals on bellybutton
RIP Naval (x7)

So I currently have 35, and I've been pierced over 70 times
Hope that was interesting cuz it sure was a bitch to count haha
Tattoos I have:
-faerie project on mi right side
-moon and star on mi left ear
-skulls on the backs of mi claves.
-words tattooed under mi chest
-heart and skelleton key on mi back starting mi back piece.
-poison bottle heart with demon wings, left foot; lust lips heart with faerie wings, right foot
-HK pirate above Vag haha
-blown out candle with lyrics on thigh
-stick and poke social D on ankle
-skull in a spider web on left hip
-13 on stomach
-Flower victrola on the front of right shoulder
-Lyrics on front of left shoulder
-Bluebird with pocketwatch and yellow rose on back of right shoulder
-Lyrics centered on my back

Just a few of my Wants:
-3/4 music box sleeve
-3/4 Sins sleeve
-burnt marshmellow on a stick going up my leg
-willow tree scene backpiece
-various lyrics and phrases throughtout mi body

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I don't keep secrets, and i don't lie, so ask me whatever you wanna know and i'll tell you.

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Your mom should im me at Deaths a Dancer

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