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in college working for zoology and herpetology. eventually vet school
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NightWolf ( Greeley, CO : US )
- has internet!
I'm 22 years old. I have a Colombian red tail boa named Victoria and I love her to pieces. I plan to acquire quite a few more snakes in the foreseeable future.
My parents are quite strict and when I lived there, I didn't really have an opportunity to explore body modifications. When I went to college, I started getting piercings regularly in the past couple years, and I began piercing other people with the assistance of my old roommate who was a piercer and between us we have done over 100 piercings. She taught me a lot, but I've expanded my knowledge quite a bit by lurking this site. I just recently began piercing myself. I'm looking for an apprenticeship, and I really want to become a professional piercer/branding/scarification artist. I currently have 21 piercings, including my dermal punches, which are as follows:

Right Ear: 7/8" lobe (self stretched from 6g), 14g second lobe (self stretched), 14g third lobe (self-stretched), 3x 16g helix (self-stretched)
Left Ear: 3/4" lobe (self stretched from 6g), 14g second lobe(self-stretched), 14g third lobe (self-stretched), 2x 16g (top self-pierced, both self-stretched) helix, 2g conch punch and 16g rook (self-pierced)
Facial: 14g right nostril (self-pierced), 16g left nostril (self-pierced), 14g left and right cheek piercings (pierced by Matt Phillips)(retired)
Oral: 6g standard tongue(self-stretched), 16g smiley (self-pierced)
Body: 14g left and right nipples and
12g navel

a large rose "foot sleeve" on my left foot

I also have small self-cut scar piece (triangle) on my left shin and I'm planning to add another one on my right shin. I have an idea for a large chest piece that I'd love to get done at some point. I'm planning on stretching my tongue to at least a 2 gauge before the split, and repiercing my venoms. In the process of setting up my first suspension, probably a crucifixion. I'm planning on exploring many more forms of body modifications. I have so many ideas I could go on for a while, so I think I better stop where I'm at lol.

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