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#Ze# ( Unknown )
....HI everyone!!!!my name is Ze,I'm 33 years old and I'm a piercing adn scarification artist.

I'm interested in all kind of body modification from all my life,tattoo,piercing scar branding ecc ecc and I'm an body suspender.

I am a self made jewellers plugs and labret and other stuff in all kind of wood,ptfe delrin ,nilon ecc ecc,and body suspension equipment like bars and loom for every kind of suspension........
besides I'm interested in photograps,I am a fetish/bdsm model and I realize customs and photographic set.
I'm interested in art too,I made drawning and painting and I'm a performers,i've made some public show in various kinds of locals (like disco or club or private rooms)and museoum mixing body performance with painting and pics.......
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