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Worthing : UK
I'm Maddi... -Vegetarian -Student Vet Nurse -Spend most my time at uni...

Trowbridge : UK
Hey Im Loz<p> If you stop by please say hi im always looking to meet...


Brighton : UK
i am Jenni. i really am quite nice. the people who know me in 'real l...

Hamilton : CA
So I Figured it was time for an update about me: I live in Hamilton with...

Isle Of Lucifer : UK
Im Laura... *Waves* and Last time I Checked I Was A Bubble. I Have ...

Hi! (now you say hi) Well... My name is Max I'm 22 years old. I go...

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Tarxien : MT
Facts: Bmod is a place I call home, and you lot are my chosen family. I&#...

Manchester : GB
1)First of all: If you lurk 3654567876 least say HI!, I know Im ...

cornwall : UK

Brighton : UK
And when the day arrives I'll become the Sky And You'll become the sea ...

London : GL
Bleh ! This thing, as well as my life, are in need of "serious" u...
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