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Chantilly, VA : US
names anna gypsy. i like piercings. get with it. 1/2'' lobes septum labr...

New york, NY : US
Iam a sideshow performer. As far as i know i hold the world record for most...

Regina : CA
I hate the species I've been born into. I enjoy the logic I try to use to t...

Yorkton : CA
The name's Taisha. But people just call me *hippie* LOVE Ta...

Nottingham, NH : US
I love art bell (coast to coast/ ghost to ghost)!!!!! A treaty between a...

Worthing : UK
I'm Maddi... -Vegetarian -Student Vet Nurse -Spend most my time at uni...

Bullard, TX : US
I am an ex-Army diesel mechanic with some college under my belt. I current...

Kyle, TX : US
Hi my name is Coby, I'm 20 years old been modifying myself since I was 15, ...

Winnipeg : CA
My name is Garrett. I'm 22, living with my fiance Dee in downtown Winnipeg,...

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Tarxien : MT
Facts: Bmod is a place I call home, and you lot are my chosen family. I&#...

Billings, MT : US
katie twenty-seven long-time vegetarian wandering aimlessly it seems... an...

gender/queer. writer. academic. porn/fetish model. anti-racist. feminist. m...
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