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Mendoza : AR
***Out of my motherfucking mind*** Hi! i'm 20 i'm from Argentina... ...

Nofuckingway, MD : US

Denver, CO : US
Hi! My name is Cale. I'm very friendly so please say hello! I live in ...

Hiltons, VA : US

South Windsor, CT : US
Hi, thanks for stopping by...always up for company. Mid 30's, married,...

Brighton : UK
And when the day arrives I'll become the Sky And You'll become the sea ...

excelent bio text right here jufuucfufu jcuch u u ucufu h ucu ucufucn jcu...

Meath : EI
Ya know ur mature when u think " this ad(vert) is pure bollocks(bullsh...

Philadelphia, PA : US
Most people call me Spoon but feel free to call me whatever you think fits,...

Brighton : UK
hullo! im Terri-Sian, im 24. here's a few facts bout little ol' me... :...

New York, NY : US

colorado springs, CO : US
im a very friendly person so feel free to talk to me or ask me questions ...
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