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E Greenville, PA : US
I am interested in everything.

Singapore : SN
scorpio. crazy. graphicdesign student. bisexual. pierced. scarred. inked ...

New York City, NY : US
Here's a quick synopsis as to how I got here... Born in Columbus OH, t...

At the wrong place in the wrong time,with big teleportation issues and no m...

Bismarck, ND : US
I've been told Im loud, obnoxious, and quite vulgar at time, I beg to diffe...

Worcester, MA : US
I love my body, and you should too. Right now I have 8 piercings, and I've ...

Charlotte, NC : US
I'm Jaykob. I don't like to admit it, but I have become famous off MySpace...

Aberdeenshire : UK
heylo dere =D I'm Andrea. I'm 22 years old and I'm a Barista...

WinterSprings, FL : US I have so many names /nicknames. All of my ...

Greenville, NC : US

Missoula, MT : US
IMs go here: Anywho.... Hello, hello, I'd like a...

Cleveland, OH : US
My name's Brittany. My life revolves around art. I attend the Clevelan...
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