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juncos : PR
hi my name is luis my friends call me hersheys I'm tattoo apprentice in all...

Grand Forks, ND : US

Port Orchard XD, WA : US
"People are stupid; given proper motivation, almost anyone will believe alm...

Swansea : UK
I'm 27, live in Swansea UK (I don't ever want to leave) & I'm pretty sure I...

Tampere : FI

Toledo, OH : US

Glastonbury, Somerset : UK
Hi there! I am a body piercer from Glastonbury, England. I run the studio...

Louisville, KY : US
Don't be afraid your life will end. Be afraid it never began.

Liverpool : UK
Im a 31 year old who refuses to grow up, and i wont be happy till at least ...

Jackson/Breathitt County, KY : US

Highview, KY : US

New york, NY : US
Iam a sideshow performer. As far as i know i hold the world record for most...
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