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Vertical labret swelling?

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Topic: Vertical labret swelling?
Posted By: Trollblom
Subject: Vertical labret swelling?
Date Posted: June/26/2004 at 7:42am
Had a vertical labrett done yesterday
and now it looks crooked to me.
Could this be a side effect from the lip
swelling? Have tried to find info about this
somewere but its nowere to be found.
So if someone knows something about this
please dont keep quiet. :)

Posted By: darkfusion
Date Posted: June/26/2004 at 9:25am
When you got it pierced did he draw on the holes and see if you were happy with it first?

If he pierced it straight to begin with and it's just gotten like that then it could just be the way your lip has swelled and pulled the jewelery over to one side a bit...I don't think it could be rejecting that early.

If it's not straight I'd take it out ASAP so it'll heal fast and you can get it re-pierced.

Posted By: Trollblom
Date Posted: June/26/2004 at 2:14pm
Well to be honest I was a bit tired at that point.
Think it was 8 songs into the Audioslave album until he was done with the marking process. So you cant say he wasent intrested in getting it right.

Is it common for this kind of piercing to get rejected?
Never heard of that before.

Really hopeing its the swelling thats giving it the illusion of beeing crooked.
Either way Iam going back monday for a check up.

Posted By: haiaint4horses
Date Posted: June/26/2004 at 11:35pm
If I were you I'd ask the people who run BME... they know all that kinda stuff. They should be able to help you out.

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