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Rejected Microdermal

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Topic: Rejected Microdermal
Posted By: siobhan-cky
Subject: Rejected Microdermal
Date Posted: March/13/2008 at 7:54pm
I've had a microdermal in my sternum for just over 6 months and it's pretty much completely rejected(which I am incredibly upset about)!  Anyone with any experience of Microdermal's rejecting who would be able to give me an idea of how long it's gona take to drop out cos I'm too scared to pull it out as half of it is still lodged in there pretty tight!

Posted By: kweidog
Date Posted: March/13/2008 at 11:00pm
You should see the person who put it in for you and have it removed.If you leave it in and let fully reject you could end up with pretty bad scarring.
If you could post a picture,so we can see how far along in  the rejection process it is.It would be easier to guesstimate your timeframe.

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Posted By: belle
Date Posted: March/13/2008 at 11:02pm
wow, not knowing bugger all about microdermals, i didnt think they rejected?

Posted By: xXxJenocydexXx
Date Posted: March/14/2008 at 1:51am
Yeah, they can definitely reject.  But like anything else, it depends on aftercare, movement of the area, contact with clothes and other objects.  From what I understand, they are less likely to reject than surface piercings.

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Posted By: Naxiya
Date Posted: March/14/2008 at 4:45am
I had mine pulled out after a month and I thought it was in there pretty well, it wouldn't budge for me at all. I went to my piercer and it took maybe half a second and a quick sting and it was over with.  I thought it would hurt a lot...
You should definitely go back to your piercer or someone else that does microdermals in your area, since they know how to properly remove it, and they can do it for you.  They do it quick so you really have no preparation for it, and then it's out.  Hope this helps you.

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Posted By: siobhan-cky
Date Posted: March/14/2008 at 6:50am
As far as I was aware there's a pretty small chance of them rejecting! It was only in for less than 6 months!

I'm not gonna have a chance to see my piercer any time soon, that's the problem.

One half of it is rejected completely, the other half is still in there pretty tight. Will try and post a picture.

Posted By: Rhuin
Date Posted: March/15/2008 at 3:16pm
I got told that if you stretch the hole a littel bit you might be able to pop it back in as was done in the first place cause that sounds like the foot has just been pulled out rather than rejected.

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