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Topic: EAR STRETCHING (again)
Posted By: 4U2NV
Subject: EAR STRETCHING (again)
Date Posted: December/04/2003 at 2:27am

Hey i know this has been asked b4 but i couldnt post a reply...

My ears have been stretched up to 18mm and now theyre at 14mm coz im thinking of taking them out... but i dont want to have to do that if they wont heal properly.  Also, if i take them out, will there be any scarring or spare tissue or anything along those lines when its had time to heal?  And any idea of time span for it??  Theyve been stretched for about 3years now

Any help is appreciated!!

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Posted By: MontanaPiercer
Date Posted: December/04/2003 at 10:00am
At that size, I doubt it will ever close completely. However if you leave them out, you should see a significant decrease in hole size. As for the scar tissue or extra tissue, assuming you don't have any scar tissue masses now, or left over tissue from a blowout, you should not see any problems there. Some people do have what appears to be a "puckered" hole, after removing large gauge jewelry. Vitamin E rubs will soften the tissue and make re-absorbsion easier.

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