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Tattoo Parlors Banned in Alabama Town?

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Topic: Tattoo Parlors Banned in Alabama Town?
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Subject: Tattoo Parlors Banned in Alabama Town?
Date Posted: April/08/2013 at 4:33pm

A town in Alabama, Spanish Fort to be exact, is trying to pass a ban on tattoo parlors that would more or less restrict any tattoo parlors from opening within the city's limits. Some people are for it as, in their opinion, tattoo parlors aren't going to add any value to the neighborhoods or businesses in the area. However, others feel as if banning tattoo parlors in any way, shape, or form is violating the local residents' freedom. Should tattoo parlors really be banned? You would think that the city would capitalize on it for two reasons. One, people have the right to own and operate a business regardless of product sold or service offered (as long as it's not a crime) and two, people have the right to get a tattoo without driving hours. This is something that very well could end up standing its ground and ruining ink for a lot of people in the area but hopefully it will all blow over and the people of Spanish Fort will maintain their freedom. After all, if you don't like tattoos, don't go get them. It's simple!

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