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There is a knot near my cheek piercing?

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Topic: There is a knot near my cheek piercing?
Posted By: Romanseven
Subject: There is a knot near my cheek piercing?
Date Posted: November/12/2012 at 4:54pm
Hi everyone,

Ok I got my cheeks pierced on Saturday Novemeber 10th, and they were painful ! But after words they were alright. Now before I got them done the piercer told me that my left cheek didn't have as much tissue or fat or whatever as did the right cheek.
So after the cheeks were pierced. He started with the right then did the left. We left, I drunk water all the way home and when I got home got allmy supplies together to keep this undercontrol. Well my right cheek swolled up much more than the left, and i was afraid the flesh on the inside was gonna heal up OVER the piercing, so I kept pushing it in, and it was really painful. Now keep in mind these are small bars. So I took ibufroen like the piercer said to do take 4every 4 hours, i used mouth wash, i brushed my teeth and cleaned my cheeks (face) with none scent soap. Following all rules.

Now I went to sleep and woke up and my right cheek is way more swollen then ever, not to bad i dont look like a chipmunk but its puffy, but i felt a knot/lump near the piercing, and this is only on my right side. is it bad? what should I do?
and there is NO puss bag on the inside it looks normal yet swollen on the inside.

please help thankx <3

Posted By: tattooedtrish
Date Posted: November/12/2012 at 11:30pm
They're only two days old... it's normal. If you're worried that the jewelry might be too short, you may want to take a trip in to see your piercer to get longer barbells. Swelling was the worst days 3-4 for my cheeks.

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Posted By: SolidOak
Date Posted: November/22/2012 at 7:52pm
How many Mg ibuprofen are you taking? You should probably only be taking 400mg (2 caps most likely) every 4 hours.

Too much Ibuprofen can actually increase swelling of the face, it should say that on the bottle.

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