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Tattooed Ladies for Inked Lady Competition

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Topic: Tattooed Ladies for Inked Lady Competition
Posted By: Bella Obscura
Subject: Tattooed Ladies for Inked Lady Competition
Date Posted: March/07/2012 at 10:20pm
Calling all Freak & Fabulous Tattooed Ladies!

Black Snake Circus Presents: "Freak & Fabulous: Freak Show and Crowning of MTL's Inked Lady 2012"

Who will be crowned as Montreal's Inked Lady 2012?

Over 500$ worth in prizes including a tattoo certificate from Oly Anger Tattoo Studio

 From tattoo clubs in the 20's to Side Show Freaks in the traveling circus, tattoo clad women have amazed many and continue to grow the custom culture to this day. We will celebrate the body as a canvas for self expression and identity and encourage the alternative lifestyle that breaks social norms. An ode to all self-made women with knuckle tattoos, facial tattoos, all women who straight up said "Fuck Your Boxed- In Image, Society". Here's to the free, the freak, and the fabulous

 On April 21 someone will claim the title of MTL's Inked Lady 2012 during an evening of classic styled Cabaret Freak Show with a modern twist. They will perform a fun and entertaining skit before a panel of 3 judges. Many goodies for all who attend and encourage our Freak & Fabulous contestants :D

 Deadline for submissions is March 17th.

All ladies chosen for the voting portion will receive:

- Bella Obscura custom nightmarish accessories

- 2 free tickets to the event "Freak & Fabulous: Cabaret Freak Show and Crowning of MTL's Inked Lady 2012, April 21"

The 3 finalists chosen for the "Romp and Stomp: Crowing of MTL's Inked Lady 2012" will be pampered and treated to a photo shoot that includes, MUA, Hair, Wardrobe Stylist. 

 The winner will receive over 500$ worth in prizes including:

-A Fabulous "doll tribe" crown made by Natasha Nebula

-A tattoo certificate from Oly Anger Tattoo Studio

-Custom hand crafted clothing by Badsville

-Hand crafted jewelery by Morgan Black

+ much more amazing prizes

 The 3 finalists will be chosen one week before the event. Deadline for voting is Friday the 13th! of April at midnight. 

 How to enter:

 1- Send a rad picture that shows at least 20% of your inked body to our inbox on our "LIKE" page, along with contact info and short paragraph on why you're freaky & fabulous and should win. ex: "I should win as Inked Lady 2012 'cause I practice telepathy and use the Jedhi force regularly" :D

 2- We'll choose the best and upload the shots to our "like" page where you can invite your friends to vote for you.

 3- The top 3 ladies with the most "likes" will romp and stomp on stage on April 21 @ le Belmont,  before a panel of Montreal's tattoo Professionals and Icons whom include, an international tattoo model, tattoo artist and professor of the performing arts. The 3 finalists will perform a fun 2-5 min skit that shows their talents or oddities for the title of Montreal's Inked Lady 2012.

 If you have what it takes to show off your Freak & Fabulous self, submit now! 

 Remember: You have a good chance if you are able to creatively show off your ink ;) It can be any talent or oddity: dance, circus aerial, contortion, instruments, juggling, telepathy, burlesque, card tricks, sketching, if you can incorporate it to show off your ink it's fine with us! 

 The winners will be announced during the *Freak & Fabulous* event on April 21 @ Le Belmont.

 A night of Carnival Oddities and Amusement:

 Inked Lady "Romp and Stomp" @ midnight

Cabaret Freak Show

Crowning of Montreal's Inked Lady

Tarot Card reading by Seraphina

Freak and Fabulous DJ sets

Yummy carnival hors d'oeuvres

more TBA

 The "Freak & Fabulous: Cabaret Freak Show and Crowning of MTL's Inked Lady 2012" event page:

Posted By: Keiran1980
Date Posted: March/08/2012 at 1:09pm
Implying tattooed women or people interested in them are freaks is a very negative stereotype.

I am sure this will be a lovely, fun event. I just think you could phrase things better in the way you promote it.

"Everyone is from somewhere.
Even if you've never been there." - Ian Anderson

Posted By: Bella Obscura
Date Posted: March/17/2012 at 2:53am
the point of this event is to redefine the word "freak"

I am a Freak Show performance artist. I come from a family of Carnies.

"Freak and Fabulous" is taking the word back and being proud to be different. It's only negative if you give negative power.
This is my way of giving positive power to a subculture.

thank you for your interest.

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