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Lobe Massage!

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Printed Date: November/30/2020 at 6:55am

Topic: Lobe Massage!
Posted By: DeniseAlmighty
Subject: Lobe Massage!
Date Posted: December/19/2010 at 6:39pm
So, living in New York during the winter makes for very unhappy stretched lobes. Mine are 7/8 and not going any further, very happy with them. Very healthy lobes too. Out of curiosity, do you guys do any lobe massage and what do you use to keep them moisturized? I've used everything from jojoba, to vitamin E and emu oil. Currently, my favorite thing is Holey Butt'r. That stuff is jesus in a tin :) How about you guys?

Posted By: zobro
Date Posted: December/19/2010 at 9:37pm
I'm considering getting some of that Holey Butt'r stuff, but I usually use olive oil for my lobe massages.

Posted By: CheapPerfume
Date Posted: December/19/2010 at 11:07pm
I'm from NY too. Syracuse. My ears get a little dry in the winter. I have a bottle of emu oil that's almost gone, that I liked. I think I'm going to try jojoba oil next. I usually do an oil rub once a day when I put my jewelry in. I definitely notice a difference versus when I forget to do it for a few days.

Posted By: happydepression
Date Posted: December/20/2010 at 12:18pm
I like vitamin e oil and love using that with a good lobe massage, =]


Posted By: DeniseAlmighty
Date Posted: December/20/2010 at 2:41pm
NY winters cause mega dryness on mine. Organic jewelry and frequent lobe massage with holey butt'r works wonders though. Oh, and earmuffs! (can't get a hat over my mohawk and can't get a headband over my forehead subdermals haha)

Posted By: new2theneedle
Date Posted: December/20/2010 at 10:03pm
i use coconut oil, though its all ive ever used so i have nothing to compare it to

Posted By: happydepression
Date Posted: December/21/2010 at 2:58am
I grew up in Wyoming and now live in Montana, I know cold. haha. My lobes have stressed a lot and I have learned to work with them, I really like the ear warmers my gramma gets me . . . lol


Posted By: tokulix
Date Posted: December/25/2010 at 12:06pm
I always used to use emu oil but recently I re-discovered jojoba oil and that's all I use now. I tried holey butt'r but for some strange reason my lobes always get all itchy when I use it. They look healthy, but they feel weird!

Posted By: Cale
Date Posted: December/25/2010 at 11:51pm
I love vitamin e oil. <3

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Posted By: jakethejake
Date Posted: December/26/2010 at 12:01pm
I usually use vitamin e oil, but I've been using cocoa butter for the winter

Posted By: ihaveonlyme
Date Posted: December/26/2010 at 12:18pm
I'm with Cale. I love vitamin e oil. I use a locally made emu oil and it's the best.

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Posted By: jakethejake
Date Posted: December/27/2010 at 7:44pm
poor emus : (

ever think of trying jojoba oil? Extremely similar to emu oil without the loss of emu life!

Posted By: Sieren
Date Posted: December/28/2010 at 12:27pm
I live in Wisconsin--our winters can get cooooold LOL!  I've really been liking Vit. E oil for scar tissue-reduction, and unrefined shea butter for moisturizing.    Its SO rich, you only need a little bit.  On a side note, its also awesome for stretching because it seems to provide more "slip" than a thinner oil like jojoba and coconut.  I just re-stretched from 4g-2g and it went very smoothly with the shea butter!
I get mine from "MadameKoiteh" on etsy, but its usually available at health food stores and many places online.  Just make sure you get unrefined, which is a tannish color and usually smells a tad earthy or smokey (it is made over fires), because it has more of the good stuff in it than refined (which is scentless and white, but not nearly as good for your skin.).
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Posted By: CheapPerfume
Date Posted: December/28/2010 at 10:41pm
Originally posted by jakethejake

poor emus : (

ever think of trying jojoba oil? Extremely similar to emu oil without the loss of emu life!

I switched because I felt bad about the emus. I only ever tried one 4oz bottle, but switched when it was done. :-/

Posted By: PrimalOrganics
Date Posted: January/07/2011 at 10:09pm
I like emu oil the best.  I've also tried coconut oil and I don't like it and vitamin e and jojoba are okay.  Lots of people like bio oil, but it's a scam.  It's just mineral oil.

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Posted By: Eui1337
Date Posted: January/08/2011 at 3:43pm
i've only ever used jojoba oil and it always makes my ears feel really nice and soft. I also used to have wicked bad cat ass, but the jojoba oil really really helped with it (that along with wearing exclusively glass) but i think i might try using something else next time i buy oil. 

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Posted By: imsocoolikethat
Date Posted: January/09/2011 at 1:44am
My partner used olive oil on me... Questionalble to say the least, and then used tea tree oil. :/ But I like vitamine E.

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