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Closing holes

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Topic: Closing holes
Posted By: wolfbaden6
Subject: Closing holes
Date Posted: August/03/2008 at 4:12am
I got my first piercing (10g in left lobe) a little over 6 months ago and I have stretched it to a 6g in the time since I got it. I want to stretch it more and have a matching in my right ear but I'm worried about the holes not being able to close up. I want to eventually pursue a career in law enforcement and I know that piercings (unfortunately) are frowned upon. My eventual goal is to reach about 1/2" but I know after a certain point the holes won't be able to close on their own.
Does anybody have any suggestions on what I can do to possibly reach my goal and have the holes close up?
If it's not possible for them to close, does anybody know what kind of procedure I can have done to close the holes?
Any information/advice/experience is greatly welcomed and appreciated!

Posted By: SierraFoxtrot
Date Posted: August/03/2008 at 4:21am
Honestly, if you're THAT worried about it not closing up and how you will be perceived, body modification is probably not for you.


I've got problems of my own, but not the kind that can be solved with an atom bomb.

Posted By: wolfbaden6
Date Posted: August/03/2008 at 4:25am
I'm not worried about how I'll be perceived. I love getting piercings (I have 2 now and I'm looking to get at least 2 more) and I'm still deciding what I want my first tattoo to be. I just want to be able to get a job without a problem when I get older. I'm still young.

Posted By: Ashleigh
Date Posted: August/03/2008 at 4:32am
If you stretch your ears to a large size (past 00ga) the best way (as far as I've ever heard on this site) is to get reconstructive surgery to return the ear to a normal size.

Posted By: vanis
Date Posted: August/03/2008 at 9:18am
honestly depending on how much you want them to close the first mistake was getting pierced with a 10g . but everybody is different on how far they will close down and how big you can go . if your that worried about it take the one out now and just forget about doing the other one

Posted By: rockgod
Date Posted: August/03/2008 at 9:29am
I stretched mine up to 12mm. However, I lost my job [redundancy] so I had to make myself look presentable. The holes have shrunk to about 4mm, however you can barely tell that the holes are there unless you stretch the lobe.
Depending on how large you wanna take them there are always options; if you don't take them too large then you can just take them out, if you want to go sick, you can just have them stitched, though it's not cheap.


Posted By: Rouslan
Date Posted: August/03/2008 at 10:24am

Mods, that is stretched piercings and tattoos (especially always visible ones) are about trying to look somewhat original and not mainstream. If you want mods but don't want to pay the price, don't do them.

Then you'll maybe end up in a few years in a nice corporate job wearing a wonderful suit, surrounded by judgmental and/or frustrated people like you thinking of themselves as being more important than most because they'll have sacrificed some part of their soul for a little bit more money.

Posted By: Carrie_p2005
Date Posted: August/03/2008 at 1:34pm
2g-0g is generally considered the point of no return.  Everyone is different, so it is impossible to say whether your ears will close completely or how long it will take.  At your desired size, it usually takes up to about a year for the holes to shrink back to a somewhat normal size.  The most important think is to take stretching very slowly and do it properly.  Done incorrectly, you will build up scar tissue that will inhibit your lobes from closing back up.  If you are unsure about proper stretching, read the forum topic about it in FAQ.  Even if you think you know, read it anyway.  There is a lot of valuable information that is based upon knowledge and experience.  If all else fails and your ears will not close, there is reconstructive surgery, but like Rockgod said, it is expensive.

Posted By: wolfbaden6
Date Posted: August/03/2008 at 1:36pm
Well I guess I should have specified...
I'm only 18 and I still have college to go through.
Also, I already stated that I wanted to go into law enforcement so please don't pass judgement on me.

Posted By: stuffsh
Date Posted: August/03/2008 at 2:20pm
If you're worried about how ear stretches will affect your life then it's plain and simple.... don't do it.
There are plenty of other ways to modify your body which will be less visible and don't affect your future life. If that's all your worried about.
I, however, couldn't give a stuff about what the world thinks of my stretched lobes and therefore am quite happy with my ever growing ear holes :)

Posted By: SugarMagnolia
Date Posted: August/03/2008 at 3:11pm
Don't let Rouslan get to you. I completely understand where you're coming from - there is still a stigma against body modification, and it may or may not interfere with you future job opportunities. Don't feel bad about being concerned! That being said, you don't have to stay away from mods altogether. Don't get tattoos on your face or neck, and I would stay away from facial piercings (aside from your septum) and large-gauge lobe piercings, unless you're willing to retire the piercings in a few years. Other than that, your body is an open canvas. Or, you could wait and see if your future employer would allow you to wear retainers or flesh-colored plugs while you're working. Maybe you think it's worth the risk, maybe you don't, but it's up to you. 

And so castles made of sand fall in the sea...eventually.

Posted By: XxTheJokerXx
Date Posted: August/03/2008 at 3:16pm
I had my tongue stretched to an 8g at one point. i ended up swallowing it and not putting one back in for 2 weeks. can you believe the hole closed up in that amount of time and i could hardly get a 14g back in.
I would not be too worried about it man, then again i think tongues close up better because their more of a muscle.

Posted By: Euphoric
Date Posted: August/03/2008 at 4:12pm
That was the same with me..I wasn't totally into stretching my ears.
 I got to a four and took them out, and they are back to normal.

If I got a dollar for every time I repented the sin then committed the same crime, I'd be standing on top of the world today...

Posted By: excutter
Date Posted: August/03/2008 at 10:55pm
i stretched my second holes to a 0 and took them out and now i can fit an 8 through them just fine but you can't see the hole unless i pull on my lobes...  but like everyone is saying, everybody is different.

Posted By: xoerinxo
Date Posted: August/04/2008 at 7:57pm

it depends alot on the person. I have very stretchy ears. they stretch and close nicely, but some people aren't as lucky? how big you can go and have it close over is relative, I'm on my way to 1/2, but im not too worried about closing them over. and if they are large, they might close down alot, but never all the way. for example you go to 00G, and let it close down, it might never go smaller than a 6 again, but it will be less noticeable. and then there always is reconstructive surgery, getting them stitched up

Posted By: lil_lobes
Date Posted: August/05/2008 at 3:38am
i stretched mine to a 7/8s and in about 3 days im going up to an inch.
i always worried about the repercussions of having large gauged stretched holes, but there's plenty of ways to get them closed. for example, if you have a lot of scar tissue, my dermatologist told me that applying hemorrhoid cream liberally will close them all the way back. it'll take awhile but it works. if you want them done go ahead and get them done, just learn more about what size you can go to where it's easy to close em up if you're worried about job opportunities.


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