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Tattoo Experiences
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Quote bartsbuddy Replybullet Posted: May/26/2008 at 1:57pm
My Chest. my artist mentioned before i did it that it really hurt. I figured it wouldn't be that bad since ive had alot of work. But after the first two hours he started laughing when i closed my eyes every time the needle touched my chest. Especially right above the nipple. It didn't feel like i was being tattooed, more like i was being slowly cut and burned.
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Quote ciro Replybullet Posted: May/26/2008 at 3:07pm
Undoubtly the chest, specially the lower zone.
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Quote coheed_a7x Replybullet Posted: May/26/2008 at 3:11pm
Well I've only got four tattoos so far...I'd have to say one of the ones on my chest hurt the most. The first flower wasn't bad at all...but the second one I almost could not wait for it to be over...
Oh, and I could barely move for the next couple of days... 
I do want more added to my chest, though...and I'm going in for a touch up this week lol

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Quote DoriTime Replybullet Posted: May/27/2008 at 10:10pm
I've got 1 partly in the inside of my elbow.. When it was getting done. My arm was held down with force. and bled heaps in the groove's.
Couldn't move my arm for 3 or 4 days. Was fair painful.
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Quote mezzio Replybullet Posted: July/16/2008 at 5:15am
my back hurt pretty bad.. but i think that would be because i was playing ginuea pig for the apprentice.. what should have taken about 45 minutes, took 3 hours, and 4 separate trips to fill in what bled out (the 4th trip the shop owner finished it off), the piece still looks like shit.

the inside of my arm... while the tattoo itself wasnt painful, my arm kept falling asleep from the way i was laying down.  due to that, we had to stop every 15 minutes or so to let my arm wake up again, after about the 3rd break, the endorfins wore off, so it was hell from then on. 

outter arm, shoulder and chest werent that bad (except when i got zapped from the bitch not paying attention.. right on the fucking nipple too)

and to think, usually when youre asleep, nothing hurts... if it did, doctors wouldnt sedate you when doing surgery..

Edited by mezzio - July/16/2008 at 5:17am
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Quote rockgod Replybullet Posted: July/16/2008 at 6:36am
The back of my knee, without a doubt.

I could barely see properly it was so painful. I was sweating so much it hurt that bad.
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Quote kcir Replybullet Posted: July/16/2008 at 11:24am
lower back...where the riblets start....ooh fun stuff...and never make fun of the lonely line that is your artist's backpiece...they don't like that, and they'll let you know. :P
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Quote Jeeennnnniiiii Replybullet Posted: July/16/2008 at 12:15pm
Originally posted by **Thumper**

i've been told that fattie tissure hurts more and i would deff have to agree with that.

100% agree.
every one of mine is on a bony area.. apart from my stomach. fook me, i couldn't stop shaking.

i'm getting another one on the opposite side.... my god.. i know it'll be horrible.

my foot and back of neck - well easy. hardly felt a thing.
well i might have somethin' to say about that, space man!
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Quote zencat Replybullet Posted: July/16/2008 at 2:55pm
straight up the left shin. ouch. :)
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Quote you-fail-me Replybullet Posted: July/16/2008 at 2:55pm
My feet and the back of my knee were probably the most painful. Elbows are pretty sweet too.
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