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Quote Vital Replybullet Topic: (Partical) Female Castration or Infibulation
    Posted: November/04/2007 at 8:34pm
 Hey everyone! Sorry if I'm in the wrong catagory or anything of that nature, I just found this site.
  I have a question regarding labia. Not to get too personal so quickly, but, I hate the size of mine (they have always been large). I have been considering the idea of removing them myself. I say myself simply because I can not afford the operation of "labia rejuvation surgery". What is stopping me  is the frightening idea of messing up,and infection. If not fully remove, I would like to kinda have them sewn together - not completely, just a bit for the sake of improving the looks.
 I realize how strange this must sound now that I've written it out, but please if anyone has any experience with this, could you tell me any tips to aviod infection or generally what to expect? Thanks muches.
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Mod Zentity
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Quote metalbabe Replybullet Posted: November/04/2007 at 8:55pm
if you dont have any experience with this kind of procedure, i think it would be best to save up and find someone who knows that they are doing and who have sterile equipment and can work on you in a sterile environment.

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Quote gigga Replybullet Posted: November/04/2007 at 10:09pm
please let a profesonal do it....
think about what it is u want to do this to, ur best friend...
better to save up the money in just a few years u could have it done, i dont know what the problem is but maby u just need a libo, if it is skin u need to remove, honey have a docter do it!!!
i garentee u iff u are un happy with it now u will not like after, think of the scaring u could have or the medical bills ull have to pay if u get infectied, loose to mutch blood and a cosmetic surgical u will definetly have to have....
my otter personal opinion is that if a person dose not like his or hers body some thing like this will not fix it, they will juste find some thing else to dislike, work on ur self, learn to love ur self, all of u, then if u still want to do it then blessed be....
with luv Gigga

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Quote amberjh3 Replybullet Posted: November/05/2007 at 2:01am
i would say just do not do it yourself. you would be putting your self at risk by doing it yourself and not know what you are dong...
keep it clean and be safe.. go to a professional! :)
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Quote Bluefreak Replybullet Posted: November/05/2007 at 10:53am
Please don't attempt this yourself...  They are you, they are part of what makes you unique, learn to love yourself completely because removing the excess isn't going to make you happy and I think you already know that. 

Puritanism... The haunting fear that someone somewhere may be happy.
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Mod God
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Quote Twiztid* Replybullet Posted: November/05/2007 at 1:43pm
Id say go for the Pro Approach, they know what their doing. I dont quite agree with "BlueFreak" If you arnt happy, do somthing about it. Whats the point in being unhappy with yourself?
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Quote eatenplacenta Replybullet Posted: November/06/2007 at 1:40pm
this doesn't sound weird at all. ever since i can remember, i have hated the look of inner labias, even though mine are tiny. i do plan on having mine removed, and this is sometimes called female circumcision. but please, if you have knowledge of this procedure, save up and talk to people who do know. messing something like that up, or getting an infection, or even worse, is not worth it. plus the shock of all the blood and the sensations you will feel may be a bit overwhelming once you've begun but at that point, you may not be able to turn back.
i think i figured out the ultimate reason why i modify: i just like touching myself.
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