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Piercing Experiences
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Quote Firestarter Replybullet Posted: September/22/2010 at 10:50pm
I did my reverse pa, ampallang and deep pa my deep pa to make up my dolphin.  All are six gauge except the deep pa.
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Quote geo_bachlor Replybullet Posted: September/26/2010 at 3:26pm
I have done all my own scrotal piercings because the piercer I went to didn't want to do them as they migrate and reject so much. So I have done all my own and more than half have rejected. But the ones I have are at 8ga up to 5/8 inch gauge. I love the feel of the heavy metal. I am getting ready to pierce a new scrotal and an ampallang. There is a feeling that is pretty much spiritual doing your own piercings. But I recommend a lot of research before anyone even thinks about attempting it.
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Quote samantha_sick Replybullet Posted: September/26/2010 at 5:44pm
I pierced my 2nd lobes, nostril, labret, and tounge myself, all when I was under 18 so that was the only reason
Since I could go to a professional I've been going
But I've tried to do myself again recently and I couldn't bring myself to do it
Currently have 27 piercings
Have been pierced 63 times total (14 temporary)
2 4g cartilage punches
78 star tattoos, lots of other tattoos
2 brandings
1 cutting
Magnetic Implant (removed & replaced!)
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Quote Taveon Replybullet Posted: September/26/2010 at 9:18pm
Majority of my piercings are DIY but they aren't anything special, I've only done my tongue (also self split via tie-off), two lip piercings, upper frenulum, and lobes. I find it a rewarding experience, it's more than just saving some cash it's like really taking control of your body and seeing what you can & can't do.
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Quote Jenova777 Replybullet Posted: October/16/2010 at 9:05am
i did most of my 58 piercings by my self, and they done a pretty god job, and yesterday i try'd some thing new, a Chin piercing with 1.6 Banana and hope it will heal well :]
58 Piercing's and 14 hours of Ink :]

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Quote eatenplacenta Replybullet Posted: October/16/2010 at 9:12am
good luck with it, but i don't think it will last.

EDIT: since this is an old thread and i just looked at my previous, very outdated list, here's what i'm at now.

i've currently got fifty piercings, thirty-eight of which are self pierced.

right ear:
second lobe piercing (stretched)
third lobe piercing (stretched)
left ear:
second lobe piercing (stretched)
third lobe piercing (stretched)
fourth lobe piercing (stretched)
fifth lobe piercing (stretched)
sixth lobe piercing (stretched).
oral and facial:
left and right nostril piercings (stretched)
septum piercing (stretched)
high medusa piercing
low medusa piercing
smiley piercing
left and right monroe piercings
tongue web piercing
three left side lip piercings
three right side lip piercings
vertical left and right side lip piercings
labret piercing (stretched)
left and right semi lowbret piercings (stretched)
left and right lowbret piercings (stretched)
left and right "super" lowbret piercings
standard navel piercing (stretched)
inverse navel piercing
vch piercing (stretched)
left and right inner labia piercings (stretched)
left and right outer labia piercings (stretched)
left lobe piercing
left and right horizontal eyebrow piercings
two left eyebrow piercings
three right eyebrow piercings
five bridge piercings
medusa piercing
left monroe piercing
three smiley piercings
two right side lip piercings
center lip piercing
labret piercing
right lower lowbret piercing
right "super" lowbret piercing
left wrist surface piercing
vertical surface piercing below navel
christina piercing
three vch piercings
center mons pubis microdermal

that's just my DIY work, not including play piercings.

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Quote FLPierce Replybullet Posted: October/16/2010 at 10:57am
I don't have the nerve to pierce myself, but I would let a friend pierce me.

I tried to do hafada once but once I felt the needle starting to pinch I couldn't continue.

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Quote Mizzbee666 Replybullet Posted: October/31/2010 at 9:21am
I've did some facial piercings myself....
3 nostril studs.
16g vertical labret.
14g labret.
2 snakebites.
earlobes (now in the process of stretching)
Soon to do 2 medusa's and a monroe.
I also did my bridge, but I had to remove it due to work commitments....
Though I'm getting it back.  :)

Edited by Mizzbee666 - October/31/2010 at 9:24am
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Quote unLuckyinLove Replybullet Posted: November/05/2010 at 7:13pm
I have yet to pierce myself, but it's something I've been wanting to do ever since Stu let me do a piercing on someone else. Play piercings first, but practice makes addiction...right?
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BMod Pro
BMod Pro

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Quote JTModify Replybullet Posted: December/29/2010 at 11:26pm
The very first piercing I did back in 2003 was on myself; my scrotum. I only left it in for a week or so as I did not like the placement.

Last night I did a surface piercing on my own hand (left). It was tricky doing this myself, but if I needed help there were other artists in the shop to help me out. I only needed help putting a ball on, but I changed the jewelry after that and did it without assistance.

I have a hard time piercing myself. I have set things up multiple times and just couldn't follow through. Since my flesh hook pulling I am more able to do things to myself. Odd.. but true.

Edited by JTModify - December/29/2010 at 11:27pm
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