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Joined: March/09/2007
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Quote Basil Replybullet Posted: March/13/2007 at 4:35am
i love that the LA on his face is covering a butterfly tattoo.
i guess you can't be a thug with a kickin' butterfly tatt.

butterflies should be the new tear drop.

and ps socialcoma- i second you on boyz II men.
Ubi bene ibi patria.
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Quote MistahG Replybullet Posted: March/14/2007 at 3:01am
"I stopped counting after two...."

I wonder if that was voluntarily?
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Joined: February/19/2007
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Quote silverjosi Replybullet Posted: March/14/2007 at 6:53pm
I dont even know who this guy is but he sounds like an ass.   
LOl, thats funny MistahG                                                                                                    

Edited by silverjosi - March/14/2007 at 6:55pm
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Quote (*PAIN*) Replybullet Posted: March/15/2007 at 11:02pm
well shit.. im sitting hear thinkin monopoly was the in game.. well fuck eh, your music sucks, id give him a tattoo, id make him pay for it,.. id put a dick over his lips
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Joined: March/16/2007
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Quote The_Sneek Replybullet Posted: March/16/2007 at 1:16pm
Its sad when somthiung like fame goes to a persons head. I sappose its hard being egotistacle thoughStupid
Cheers, -The Sneek
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Quote danl Replybullet Posted: March/18/2007 at 1:12am
how naive can you be, of course famous people are going to get free shit ie clothes, cars, TATTOOS. If your a tatto artist and people know youve done ink on people like Game then their more than likely going to choose you over some nobody, not because its cool but because if someone like the game who can get ink anywhere has gotten ink from you then you must be half decent, its all promotional, like it or lump it biatches
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