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Quote Adam Replybullet Topic: What this forum is all about....
    Posted: January/28/2004 at 3:10pm

As you may have noticed, there have been a lot of changes going on. I'm not really sure where all the inspiration or time is coming from, but hey...at least it's getting done =)

Anyway, first let me explain this forum...
I made this forum so that whenever I make updates to the site, whether big or small, I can post them to let everyone know. This also serves a couple other purposes, 1 is that I can get feedback from you about how the changes are going, and 2, it acts kinda like a mini change-man (change management) system for me =). Now I will be the only one allowed to post new topics here, but anyone (that's registered of course) can post replies and let me know what's up.

So...here's stuff that I've worked on recently:

1 - I made certain sections viewable to those only above the age of 18. This is for morallity and legal reasons. I wasn't pressured to do this, I just felt that it's the right thing to do. So, if you are 18+ and you can't see stuff, you need to fill out your DOB in your profile so the site knows (or register if you're not...it's free).

2 - Fixed a problem with the thumbnails in the mod listing page. It used to say the mod type twice under the missing thumbnail photo. I fixed it so now the name of the person appears...whoops .

3 - Added this forum for change-man.

4 - Added a BodyMod Personals forum for all of you that are interested in meeting other Body Modders. This doesn't have to be just for relationships... it can be just to meet new and cool people all around the world.

5 - Added a Site Suggestions & Bug Reports Forum so that I can try to keep this place functioning as smoothly as possible, and add the stuff you want.

6 - Removed the Hack And Secure Book and replaced it with the YAAFM logo. Hehehe... It's just something stupid that I'm doing...i just thought the domain name was cool .

7 - Fixed the Journal in your profile part. Now when you click on Add Journal Entry, it stays in the same window. And then there, you can now edit and delete any journal entries that you've ever made, instead of just the last three.

8 - Touched up the My Messages section to (hopefull) bypass some errors with bad/corrupt messages (thx Montana!)

9 - Fixed the Adding of Chest Pieces and Uniqe Places section under tattoos. They were posting to Nipple .

10 - Fixed the editing of journal entries, so <br>'s are removed on edit. B4, as you kept editing the post, the spaces betwn lines would double..oops.

11 - Created an Edit Your Profile link under your name in your Profile page for easier access to editing your own profile.

That's it for now!

.: Adam

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