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Quote Veilside Replybullet Posted: December/19/2007 at 12:32pm
I've never bothered going out of my way to clean any of my 8 piercings I've had done, I'll clean the blood off with a sea salt soak and then just wash normally. Got no infections so far.
"so its personal attacks now veilside?? well if thats the way its gonna be i think your a candyass little bitch twat raver with a closed minded point of view."

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Quote Tali Replybullet Posted: January/23/2008 at 5:40pm
It really annoys me when people think my aftercare is bad and they insist that if they do not use rubbing alchohol or peroxide it will become terribly infected. That, and people turning me down for piercing their ears because I DON'T use a piercing gun and "it will get infected and hurt more and take longer" because I don't. Man, the ignorance of people... especially the ones on yahoo answers... I stay away from the piercing section there because I just get SO aggravated...
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Quote endo666 Replybullet Posted: January/29/2008 at 11:50pm
i have never taken special care of my  piercings. then gave me sea salt and i never used it. i tried that sea salt solution in a spray can but it never seamed to work any better then soap.

i can tell when im getting sick though because the piercing on my neck start to itch and so i wash them a little better then normal when i get sick.
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Quote bondagekitten Replybullet Posted: February/17/2008 at 6:00pm
I normally stick to saline but on occasion I use savlon wound wash.

I used to love the cheap unbuffered sterile saline from Boots that came in a squirty can which was great for wetting cotton buds but they stopped selling that years ago.

My main problem is my nipples are still prone to flairing up and annoying me. I got them re-done about two years ago with PTFE bars because I'd had problems with my right one healing in the past (one torn ring and one screwed up bar on the right) and my left got unhappy when I changed it to a ring for a few days when I took the bar out for an untrasound and dropped the ball and it was the only spare 1.6mm jewellery I had.

I'm leaving them alone as much as possible and have shortened the bars so they aren't too long. I'm using the savlon wound wash on them and trying to avoid shower gel getting into them as much as I can when I'm washing but rinsing myself carefully.

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Quote AmiiMetalFace Replybullet Posted: March/02/2008 at 10:43am

i get so annoyed at the little 13 year olds at my school.

one of them just got her lip done (at a notoriously bad piercer), and she is taking care of it SO badly. it is her left side, and her long side fringe falls onto it, and she obviously does not clean it.
i sat opposite her when we were at lunch and i was almost disgusted by how it looks: there was crusties all over the ring and captive bead, andd when she laughed i saw there was the scabbing quite thick on the inside. when ever she thought someone was looking she'd twiddle it with her teeth, making the crusties and her fringe go inside it, as well as whatever food was on her face.
it's swollen, and when i told her it looked infected and asked what she used to clean it she said 'hot water, whenever i shower.' i told her it looked like it was starting to get infected and she took great offense, saying 'what did i know'.
huh, after 8 piercings, four of which are on my face, i apparantly know nothing.   :)


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Quote ashyboo Replybullet Posted: April/20/2008 at 1:47pm
i hate ppl that dont clean their crusty, bloody piercings and then cant understand y they have infected piercings!!! I seriously wonder about some ppl
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Quote yerevan Replybullet Posted: April/20/2008 at 2:31pm
a girl I was at 6th form with got a monroe piercing, and used to sit there picking the crusties off with her most likely dirty fingernails.
Needless to say, she didn't have it for very long.
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Quote fiesta Replybullet Posted: April/20/2008 at 4:01pm
i have gotten lots of spur of the moment piercings because i spend lots of time at the piercing shop and im very close with my piercer who is now my boss. i also have taken lots of those out though because i got sick of them even when they were fully healed. i like getting piercings and if im not completely attatched to them i dont have a problem getting rid of them. the only one i took out because of infection was my sternum which i had for almost 3 years and it got infected cuz i had gotten a new boyfriend (still with him) and he had 5 cats. too much cat dander for my piercing to survive!

i also hate people who think they know everything when they have only been pierced once. i have and have had multiple piercings and i still dont know as much as i could! so they definatly dont  know everything.
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Quote LUSTTT Replybullet Posted: November/28/2008 at 8:49pm
i completely agree and people who think they know so much about piercings and they only have one anyoy me
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Quote Braids Replybullet Posted: November/29/2008 at 12:24am
theres this guy that i used to go to school with who when i first met him only had his left ear done w/ a gun...by about the 3rd quarter of the year he had gotten his other ear done w/ a 18g stud that they use in the guns (not w/ the gun he just shoved it thru) an upper cartilage done the same way and got snakebites done w/ a safety pin...just to try to prove that he knows more about piercings than i do or prove hes more hardcore or some shit...he started to stretch his ears within the past 3 months...hes gone from an 18g to 1/2"......ALL with tappers...n hes been asking me for advice...so i told him "dude you gotta stretch faster! you should be putting in a larger size every week!" just to fuck w/ him...he took me seriously lol!
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