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Quote witchy_kitty Replybullet Posted: February/13/2007 at 7:36pm
I hate when people ask for your advice then get pissed when you give it to them.
Quick to judge
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Ignorance and prejudice
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Quote rivetidiot Replybullet Posted: April/09/2007 at 4:06am
Actually I think my problem is I get too worried that something isn't being maintained right so I drive myself nuts reading conflicting information on the Web, none of which matches my aftercare sheets. Usually only because the piercing is a little red.

But, if it weren't for that obsessive tendency I wouldn't have started posting here. *shrug*
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Quote esoterica Replybullet Posted: April/16/2007 at 4:54pm
I second that, people think I'm strange because I treat mine like pets, but  I think their stranger when it looks like an infected skin condition
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Quote mizzbitch Replybullet Posted: September/29/2007 at 6:47am
i think the ppl that say they "had" those piercings are liars lol
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Quote Laura0Face Replybullet Posted: October/09/2007 at 11:59am
A friend of mine pierced her lip and just uses it to be all *yeah im cool igot one too* but doesnt truley look after it.

I think that if they cant look after it they shudnt be allowed any EVER!

There to precious to misstreat! They really are like pets. if your good to them they will heal and get better quicker but if u dont then they will infect you and cause you pain!

Edited by Laura0Face - October/09/2007 at 12:01pm
Lisa - oh! true story. I saw a duck get raped by another duck today.

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Quote xoerinxo Replybullet Posted: October/09/2007 at 6:39pm
yeah I knew a girl when I was in highschool, and we never really got along. I was known for having "lots" of piercings (and back then it was alot!) so she went and got her ears gunned like crazy, and stretched her lobes. her ears were a mess, all crusty and pussy and it made me so angry, she didn't do them safely, or sanitary, or bother to take care of them. I think you shouldn't get them unless you want them. because if you don't want them enough then you don't take as good care of them as you need to. plus thats just a dumb reason to get piercings. It really didnt make a difference to me whether she had one or twenty piercings. I didn't get them to be more "cool" than her.
To this day when I see people with ill treated piercings i remember her. Its your body, and you should do what you want to it, yes, but be careful with it.
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Quote FelixXx Replybullet Posted: October/21/2007 at 1:31am
Ack I had one of those moments!  I paid for my friends first piercing, it was for his birthday.  He kept it in for 3 weeks, never took care of it!  He cried to me saying it hurt, then when I took a look at it, it had all this crusty shit, and the ring pulled some of the crusties into the piercing itself.  So I cleaned it for him (anitbacterial soap on the outside, seasalt rinse on the inside, took the ring out to get all the shit off of it, then put it back in)...3 days later, he took it out and let it heal just because he said that it was pierced too high and he changed his mind where he wanted it done(he had a side labret and wanted a center)(then he told me he hadn't made up his mind on what he wanted till he got into the hotseat)ARRGGG!
I like me coffee black, just like my metal
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Quote xsummerx Replybullet Posted: October/21/2007 at 4:05am
Well for like a couple of months I was getting a piercing every week an kept forgeting about what I had done so forgot to to clean. All turned out good though oh an when I had loads to clean I didn't always cause it was boring grrr.
As for bad advice when I was 12 I had my bell button done at this shitty parlour near me and they told me not to clean it.
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Quote vmiss3602 Replybullet Posted: November/29/2007 at 7:23pm
from experience... if you over clean a piercing it will get infected and it won't heal as fast. you really should only clean most piercings twice a day with mild stuff... and nothing that you haven't used before. Most people get infections because they either weren't told how to take care of their shit, they touch it all the time, or they change their jewelry like ten times and don't clean it right. If you leave your piercings alone and clean them just as ofton as you brush your teeth you will be good... if you don't brush your teeth, then i guess disreguard that statement... but yae there is no need to over react about cleaning piercings... you aren't letting them heal when you are fucking with them so much... and redness is ok sometimes as long as it isn't swollen or hot!     o... and about the spur of the moment geting pierced thing... ALL of my piercings have been spur of the moment.... and i love all of them! There is absolutely nothing wrong with picking out your piercing as you are walking in the shop... it actually makes you alot less nervous!
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Quote Ashleigh Replybullet Posted: November/29/2007 at 9:52pm
I've always had a horrid immune system (since birth) so it takes a while for my body to heal after piercings... and gawd forbid I get a cold or my allergies are bad with a new piercing...I've had all but one of my piercings redone, some 2-3 times...I'm great about not over or under cleaning them, sometimes they're just too much for my body.
And as far as bad piercers...my first 3 piercings were done in the mall & they all came out.  When I went & found a real piercer, one that informed me why guns are bad to use on piercings, I stuck with him!
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