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Quote Adam Replybullet Topic: 13,000 Users and a Better Forum!
    Posted: April/25/2006 at 4:57pm

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By sheer luck, we have reached a member base of over 13,000 members on the same day that I finished upgrading the server's database. I honestly have no idea how it lasted so long running on Access (yes...I'm ashamed Frown), but that's past us now. Now we can move towards brighter futures with server farms, database clustering, and true load balancing with distributed processing. That'll be fun!

What I neglected to tell you in the last post is that with the massive database migration, I also put in a butt-load of forum updates and modifications. Since all the forum updates were dependent on the new database, I had to hold off on them all until the new DB was in place. So I did them both at the same time =)

Here's a little list of the new features that are in our forum:

  • Sub-Forums - I haven't made any yet, but I'll be working with the Mod-erators to see what we need, so look for those soon!
  • RSS Feeds everywhere for pretty much anything you could possible need!
  • New Calendar Event system that's integrated into the Forum. It's damn cool if you ask me, so have fun with that one =)
  • New and improved text box for entering your posts. Way more compatible and with more features
  • New Image Authentication (CAPTCHA) system on login and sign-up for enhanced security to the site
  • Even more and better filtes on message posting to weed out security risks
  • We can now setup forums to require posts to be authorized by Mod-erators before they are seen to the public. This is already in place for BMod Q&A, so this way only the person with the original question and the BMod pros can converse.
  • Better layout and CSS (pretty-ness)
  • Better Polls and better security to keep out repeat votes
  • Better and faster search engine
  • Active users now shows where they are in the forum. So now you can see how many people are in which forums.
  • Upcomming Skype capabilities
  • Page Numbers are also at the top of the Threads now as well =)
  • You can also reverse the sort order to newest first if you want too!
  • Topic icons (see the Smiley with the thumbs up on this one)
  • Progress Bar popup on long submit forms (like login authentication)
  • Improved forum statistics with current birthdays at the bottom
  • New Quick-Reply box at the bottom of every topic for quick page load times, and bandwidth savings
  • Whole new permissions engine (which I still need to fix some things with) for limiting who as access to what forums
  • Better support for firefox, and integrated Spell Checker! Goodfox
  • All new enhanced Private Messenger system
  • 1st Attempt at a Cookie-less login system. Should help clear out the constant "Clear your cookies and you should be fine" problem =)
  • Mod-erators now have the ability to Hide a thread if they want to
There's probably more, but I'm just forgetting about it. Um.. I mean, they're secrets, and it's up to you to find them Big Grin


.: Adam
  • Page loading is about a billion times faster...well, maybe not a billion Wink

Edited by Adam - April/25/2006 at 10:31pm
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Quote t3chDzyn Replybullet Posted: April/25/2006 at 7:02pm
Fucking beautiful sir, I almost shit myself when the page loaded before I had a chance to go to the bathroom and take a shit, then come back to watch it finally load.  Speaking of which, I think I'll go drop that duece now.
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Quote EvaDestruct Replybullet Posted: April/26/2006 at 2:57am
Nice...Well done
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