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Quote vorpalbunny Replybullet Topic: outline etching
    Posted: September/09/2005 at 7:52am

i was wondering if anyone thought this might be a good idea...

i have a tattoo sleeve planned, and was deliberating over just getting all the outline at once, so i atleast have the design on my arm and not just a lot of little tats here and there with nothing inbetween them to join them, if you know what i mean. the problem with that is, the separate outlines will be in different colours, so it might look a bit strange, so what i was thinking is, would etching the outline onto my arm, using the tattoo gun method, work as a sort of temporary outline until such a time arose as i could get it all done? this is mainly due to a burning need to get my sleeve started ASAP. whaddya think? if any of that made sense, that is >.<


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Quote Blasphemer Replybullet Posted: September/09/2005 at 8:31am
yeah it makes perfect sense... but i think if you got it etched then it probably wouldnt work when you went to get the tattoo... because i've heard that tatooing over scarring can make it look a bit crap... so i mean you'd prob ably be better off getting it all tatooed at once... in a long session even if it is different colours
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Quote MontanaPiercer Replybullet Posted: September/09/2005 at 12:12pm
A tattoo artist can dish out as much as you can take, color of the outline is meaningless to us. If you can sit still, you can get the outline all at once. Even if you have to be there for a few hours just on the outline. Etching requires intentionally overworking the skin to cause it to scar. Not to be mean or rude, but I think that would just be a waste of time and quite counter productive. It would take longer to do that than put in the outline, so nothing would be accomplished by it except extra pain, and a sketchy tattoo when you got ready to tattoo over it.
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