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Quote Azaelia Replybullet Topic: Chest Surface piercing correct?
    Posted: March/26/2015 at 3:02pm
Hi guys,

I've just had my first 'official surface piercing' done today and I'm a bit dubious as to whether it has been done correctly.

I've had several piercings in the past before (forward helix, multiple lobes, septum, tongue, navel) so have a fair idea about normal ones but this seems to be a bit 'off' not sure whether it's due to being fresh, done wrong, or imagination.

As topic states it's on my chest but one ball sticks out more than the other, and on close inspection doesn't seem too deep.

Any advice/opinions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

P.S the piercer I went to is quite reputable and I've never heard of complaints from them in the past, my forward helix was done there a few months ago perfectly and a friend had a nape piercing there that's looking awesome right now

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Quote Stormchaser Replybullet Posted: March/26/2015 at 5:42pm
Definitely both balls should be even on the skin. So something is not optimal here. Try to use taping to push it into the correct position. Yet, fresh, it is likely possible.
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Quote Yzzy Replybullet Posted: April/08/2015 at 10:49am
When you push down on the raised ball does the other side pop up or does nothing move?

What it looks like to me is a staple bar was used and when clamping the needle was placed at a shallower depth than the top ... I'm guessing you were pierced top to bottom while sitting up and somewhere along the line the clamp slipped so if you imagine the inside of the piercing tunnel it is at an angle... hmmm how to explain better..... I'll draw it!!

This would mean that even if you push on the ball that sticks out the other ball wouldn't rise unless you pushed it sideways.

It's easily done if the client is sitting up as one can't see the angle of the clamps and ensure it is an even 'pinch'....

If I am right about the slanting depth then the only cure is to retire the piercing or have a PTFE bar made.....

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