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Quote NewfieChick Replybullet Topic: Help with dermal piercing dilema
    Posted: March/23/2015 at 1:45pm
Hey guys, I have a few questions.
I had a dermal piercing done about 6-7 months ago and had no issues with it up until 2 days ago. A bump started to appear, and that night before bed I could start to see the plate under my skin a bit. When I contacted my piercing person and showed her pics of it, she told me it was a pressure bubble. She told me to use salt water once a day, and maybe a dab of tea tree oil to help it heal faster, but she says it don't look good.
I had a keloid appear on my industrial piercing and the bump looks similar to the bump appearing around my dermal piercing. I got rid of the keloid on my ear by using compound w, it stung like a bitch but it went away really quick. I was wondering if it would be advisable to maybe try that on my dermal piercing as well, or just do the salt water and hope for the best?
I will post pics of the piercing before and after to hopefully be able to show you exactly what I am referring to. Any and all advise would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!!

This is a couple of days just after I got it done.

This is a couple of months ago.

These are a few pics I took last night

Please guys, any help would be greatly appreciated. I wanna do all I can to stop this piercing from rejecting.
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Quote AlexisAnne Replybullet Posted: April/04/2015 at 11:58pm
When doing surface work on the chest, I typically opt for a placement above any cleavage. I usually ask my clients to give themselves a hug, and the jewelry needs to be above where it's going to be smushed together.. Think about it. It's a single point piercing, prone to migration, in a high motion area - and it's regularly being pressured by tissue on both sides.

That being said, it's not surprising it's giving you issues. I would only clean it with a sterile wound wash, and maybe apply very gentle compression to the tissue that is separating from the piercing site. I'm thinking this is going to need to come out to be honest.
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Quote Stormchaser Replybullet Posted: April/08/2015 at 2:11am
ouch. Rejection at a late stage.

In earlier stages taping might have helped, but now, the disc so shallow, and everything only kept in the swollen, scar tissue laden skin, well protuding from the surrounding skin.

I think on such a difficult place you also need a way bigger implant part of the microdermal to have a chance to keep it.
Likely you have to remove, repierce it - definitely you need to rethink the design of the jewelry (too small implant part) and the placement (most forces there).
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Quote Yzzy Replybullet Posted: April/08/2015 at 10:24am
I totally agree with the above. The piercing is way too low and I think sadly too far gone to save.

Just think of it as 7 months of a beautiful gem and now it's time to move on to something else. If you opt for another cleavage piercing then do the 'hug' test.. Anywhere that skin touches skin for long periods of time will be subject to a lot of moisture and irritation.

Good luck with your new piercing adventure though!


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