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Quote handtop8 Replybullet Topic: Man pubic piercing for medical purpose ? (Adult Content)
    Posted: March/01/2015 at 5:16pm
Dear all,

I am an adult male, about 30.
Lately I've had some small issue with my penis.

For medical purposoe it would be better for me to keep my foreskin pushed back, and so having the foreskin and penis glan exposed to fresh air.

One of my doc's suggestion is to get circumcised... It seems to me a bit extreme.

I've tought of a funny and less transformational way to achieve the objective... a piercing !
Smartly placed, it could make the job and be very modular by changing the lenght of the stick.

As images are better than long texts, I've made a little photoshop to break the concept down:

What do you think of it ?
Would it make the "skin retracting" job ?
Would I be exposed to the risk of rejection of this surface piercing ?

Thanks a lot for any information :)
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Quote Stormchaser Replybullet Posted: March/02/2015 at 3:34pm
That's not a pubic, that is more something like the frenum ladder. Piercings tend to have a decent Chance to heal there. BUT, you want a piercng with quite some force permanently applied. If you want to have some chances to heal that, you need a large diameter (6g at least) and big discs/balls. If it heals, the piercign channel will fused the folded skin together permanently - thus shortening the foreskin, by keeping it retracted. It may still stretch somewhat.

You need a piercer who likes to do some experimental stuff...
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Quote Yzzy Replybullet Posted: April/08/2015 at 11:07am
OK, if you add lets say a PTFE or BIOplast barbel for example to your 'excess' skin gathering it all up you will indeed have an exposed Glans......

BUT.... the reason there is so much 'excess' skin at the place you show on your image is for erection... when the penis is fully erect there is no 'excess' skin....

OK so now imagine you have your piercing in place gathering up all the skin.... then imagine what will happen when you get an erection....

By now you should be crossing your legs and wincing...

I suggest if you really want / need an exposed glans 24/7 you seriously consider circumcision...
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