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Quote Plumsweet Replybullet Topic: Issues with tongue, ears and stretched ears
    Posted: April/03/2014 at 5:45pm
Okay so a few mild issues with my tongue ring, my old ear piercings (second and third holes) and just a question on my stretched first holes.

First the tongue: So it's not an issue per se, just something i'm curious about. I've had it pierced since the end of November and since then, the underside has seemed odd to me. The hole is sort of raised and white when the top part is just a normal pierced hole. Some googled results say not to worry about it but i saw someone on here who's piercing looked the same, and every morning he'd wake up with it, from what it seems like to me, trying to heal around the bottom ball. Mine isn't doing that but I do worry about it. Is it just still healing since it's still (relatively) a new piercing? It also hurts a little today after putting in a new tongue ring. I'm not sure if I put it in wrong at first and just sorta stabbed myself or if it's the material. It feels better after putting the ball on one of my older bars so I think it's the latter.

Okay onto the second and third holes. I've had them pierced since I was eight and sixteen respectively. They were done with piercing guns (I didn't hear about how they're a bad thing until years later) and the third, right one has always been a little off. For a few years, it'd always bleed if I wore earrings too long. I think it might be because i was wearing cheaper jewelry and it doesn't do it so much now. However recently, I was wearing some cheap hoops in them and they itched something /awful/. No bleeding, not even red, just itchy so I took them out. Now they're still kinda itchy (Not sure if it's related to my stretched hole tho, but it's more on the third hole and not the first that itches). It's also really "thick" feeling. Like, I blew out my right first hole (or tore it. I'm not entirely sure what I did. I took them out after that though, I'll get into it in a minute) and when it healed over it felt thicker than the left ear (No visible scarring).

Is it just an allergic reaction to the cheap metal? Or is it normal for them to suddenly thicken as you get older? (I'm now 23).

As for the stretched holes, when I first started stretching I did it properly, waiting a few months between streches, etc. Unfortunately I think my plugs and tapers were all off in size because a couple of stretches hurt a little more than they should've. No problems regardless until I was going from 2G to 0G. I used the taping method but I ended up blowing out my ear (or tearing, not entirely sure. I saw blood, felt pain, and the back of my ear was kinda like peeled skin). I got spooked and downsized, but a couple weeks later I took them out completely. It's been a few months and I decided to start stretching again. I got better materials (a better oil and plugs from a more reputable sorce because the ones before, the tapers and plugs were vastly different sizes for some of them) and started again.

This is the part that worries me. Until now I'd been wearing stud earrings without any problem in my bottom holes, but when I went to stretch them my starting size was 4G (now at 2G). Is that normal? I was extremely careful this time. If there was any resistance, I didn't put it in at all. They slid in like a stud earring in my second hole does. Am I safe to continue going forward at a normal pace like this? It's probably an obvious answer but it just caught me off guard considering the holes looked 14g again.

Sorry it's such a long post. If I should split it into seperate posts let me know. Pictures available upon request.
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Quote SuicydePrincess Replybullet Posted: April/11/2014 at 8:09am

Your tongue: How long ago did you get it pierced? Tongues need to keep clean during the healing process and this process can take anywhere between 3-6 weeks depending on your body and how well you take care of it while it's healing. I don't think you have anything to worry about with the bump under your tongue. Over time it should disappear or get smaller but if it gets worse call your piercer or go see a doctor before it gets serious, but you should be fine. Also make sure that that jewelry you are putting in your piercing isn't too tight and gives a little room. Tight jewelry is not good for your piercing, even after the healing process but don't have it too loose either or you can bite on it and hurt or break a tooth.

Ears: As far as the irritation goes. When I first got my ears pierced when I was 17 it was done with a piercing gun as well. I didn't know they were bad at the time. If you are going to wear regular sized ear rings it's fine but it can be hard to stretch your holes if they are done with a gun... it can be done but because the holes weren't cleanly made by a regular needle it can become painful, no matter how long you wait between each stretch. Also the piercing gun can cause the holes in each of your ears to be uneven which can also effect the stretching process. The irritation you are experiencing is most likely an allergic reaction to the metal, I had the same issue with cheap ear rings so my holes were always bear so I decided to stretch.

Stretching: There are a lot of things someone can do wrong while stretching their ears. You need to go slow and be patient and don't start with any size bigger than a 14g. Stretching your ears is serious business (as I'm sure you already know) and needs to be done with care. I wouldn't recommend the taping method for smaller sizes (under 0g) because the differences in sizes while stretching aren't big enough for that yet and the taping method will cause extreme discomfort and sometimes bleeding. Your ears shouldn't be bleeding during the stretching process, if they are you are doing it wrong. Generally stretching should not hurt, however I have found that because of the fact that my ears were pierced with the piercing gun and has caused unwanted scar tissue it is harder to stretch after 6g and can hurt pretty bad, but if it bleeds then you need to slow down. When you have your plugs out for a couple weeks it is normal for the hole to shrink a little, sometimes it looks smaller than it really is. It takes longer than a couple weeks to shrink your ears back to size, the bigger the stretch, the longer the healing/shrinking time.

I think it is safe for you to start re-stretching your ears if you haven't already but make sure you keep them clean and cared for, do not use the taping method until you are at least at 0g and if you see blood, put the size you had back in and give it a couple more weeks.

Hope this helped! :)
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