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Joined: July/24/2014
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Quote Libbytasker Replybullet Posted: July/24/2014 at 2:42pm
I know this is a forum abou soemthing else however will someone be able to help me????

Someone help me!
I have had lots of piercings before and majority have been fine! But i have never had anything like this!,...
I have two dermal anchor piercing between my boobs the top one is perfectly fine but the bottow one was coming to the surface in a sort if bubble...where you can see the jewellery....my piercer siad its got a germ in but idk... Its now out but is raised about 2 cm above the skin...with the whole still visible! I really need help ahah!
It looks almost like a wart thing its so discusting i an freaking outtt so much !:-(
Someone help like re assure me... Will it go down or will i be stuck with this forever its right visible on my clevage!
Im doingg the salt water washes and its not working ( been like this for about a month but the piercing has only been pulled out today...)
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Joined: May/28/2014
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Quote sub_2 Replybullet Posted: September/18/2014 at 6:09pm
Hey libby not sure what your going on about but getting back to the O.P.Yeah what I was trying to say was its a cool scar in one way but in a other way it's kinda lame, I mean come on dude you even said yourself it was one of your first mods and had really faded.

It's like if I put a pic of one of my first self harming scars on here that's faded, if people said yeah that's cool but In terms of hardcore modding its a little 'lightweight' (lame) I wouldn't get all defensive I would take it constructively and probably agree! Don't need all the negativity dude! But hey I don't hold a grudge and hopefully you see were I was coming from man. No hard feelings :) keep on modding!
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Joined: September/17/2014
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Quote Azathotep Replybullet Posted: September/18/2014 at 11:08pm
Nice cross scar! I had a similar scar on the left side of my chest but the vertical portion faded away after years, so now it is just a line.. :(
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Quote Vinlander Replybullet Posted: October/07/2014 at 4:31am
I want to get this on my neck:

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