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Quote jimmyysugar Replybullet Topic: Ear infection from stretching
    Posted: June/27/2013 at 7:35pm
Hey, i just recently stretched up to a 0g, and it hurt pretty bad for the first 12 hours or so, but then they were all good. i was using glass tapers to stretch then had glass plugs in for a day. and my ears were fine.my right ear is my bad ear and was hurting worse. but then after a day, i put some 0g steel tunnels in, and they were fine, didn't hurt at all, they were fine all day. that night i went to sleep, and im staying at my grandmas right now, she has dogs and i fell asleep on the couch which smells like stinky dogs, probably not the best place to fall asleep on newly stretched ears. anyways, i wake up at 11am, and my right ear is kind of swollen, i ignore it and go back to sleep, assuming it'll get better with time. i wake up at 2pm and they are pretty damn swollen. throbbing, red and pretty painful. i went upstairs after a few hours of seeing if the swelling would go down, which they didn't. so i took them out, and some puss came out, and they start bleeding mostly from the back, also looks like i might have tore or ripped the inside of my ear in the back a little. i wiped all the blood off and puss, and took the plug out. still pretty swollen. not throbbing, doesn't hurt anymore. but still swollen. i read something saying not to take them out because the infection could spread, so i went into my room and put in some glass 6g tapers temporarily. and then i came down here and im on the computer typing this. any help or anyone who knows whats going on or what i should do would be greatly appreciated, ill keep you guys updated.

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Quote hotpockets Replybullet Posted: September/16/2013 at 1:02am
I don't think it's infected, probably just torn. If it was infected It would be maybe a purple colour and oozing a puss like substance.
What I would do If I was in your shoes. Soak it in sea salt water for 15 minutes or more, whatever you feel is necessary. And down size your plug, wait a month and stretch with ear butter of jojoba oil.
Be very patient with stretching your ears. When it does this, it's a sign you're probably stretching too fast and can cause a blow out and it's not fun to deal with.
Start using the tape method to stretch your ears after a 0g to avoid blow outs.
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