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Quote The_Bringer Replybullet Posted: July/25/2005 at 10:22pm

 I wouldn't be shocked if that happens SinneR. I mean not on a terribly large scale, but I can defiantely see some assholes seeing the show, then thinking they can do it and buying equipment. Then selling it on ebay after they fuck themselves, or some other person up. Selling it to a professional hopefully, but it could also fall into the hands of an "ebay dick" and then repeast itself all over.

 I just think it's going to spawn a bunch of people who will get tattooed just to be tattooed, to fit into that certain group of people. idiots are very impressionable, whatever they see on TV they will emulate for the most part, that's why "Jackass' was pulled off the air years ago.

 I think if you're going to get pierced or tattooed it should be a thought-out, carefully  plotted and contemplated decision. It's part of the reason I still haven't gotten my first tattoo, I'm still thinking and I know I want sleeves eventually, but I'm thinking long and hard about it, as I think you should. I think the shows will just inspire idiots to go out and get tattooed up just so they can think they belong to a certain group of people, in this case, modders.

 I hope I'm wrong though, and I hope "Inked" gets cancelled so fast it makes Hart's head spin. I really hate that guy, I met him in person about 2 years ago at a Motocross event a friend dragged my ass too. I don't even like Motocross, so when I met him I had nothing to talk to him about, then I started asking him about his tattoos. I remember asking him if he had any tattoos that had personal meaning, because I like those kinds of tattoos a lot, and he didn't have any.

 He replied that they just "complete my look" and I thought that was rather asinine of him to say, it was like he didn't even respect them. This was years ago though, and he may have changed on them, but I doubt it.

Oh mother, show no mercy for me.
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Quote freakyducky Replybullet Posted: July/27/2005 at 3:12am
i have seen both shows, i like miami ink better personally, and i am going to travel to miami to get my tattoos touched up there, from what ive seen its awesome work
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