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Quote Xoloitzu Replybullet Topic: Conflicting Advice on Aftercare: Labret
    Posted: March/05/2013 at 5:29am
I got this piercing done on the eve of Feb 27th after contemplating it for over a decade. I thought about it long enough and decided to give it a go, found the right place, found a piercer that seemed just as OCD about placement and cleanliness as I was. Everything seemed legit. I've had my tongue done twice before and have had my flats punched in both ears. Not necessarily new to piercings, though this is the first of its type for me and I've been getting some mixed advice. I'm a bit paranoid about my piercing now and we haven't even been together for a week! Not a great start to this relationship.

I was advised to do sss two to three times a day for 5 to 10 minutes with the right non-io salt/water ratio. Then I was also advised to do a half biotene mouthwash/half water rinse about five times a day or after meals/drinking for the oral side of the aftercare. I'm okay in keeping with the sss, but unfortunately my job is not friendly when it comes to personal time to do these rinses. I suppose I could make a pre-mixed bottle and carry that around with me and spit when needed; no excuses there, I suppose.

I was just looking for more advice as I've received and read some that conflicts in regards to my concerns. My piercing was doing fine and I am sure I struck an angry note with it last night at work when I tried to catch a face towel on it. I took a courtesy photo to show the agitation on it (link below). It's brought up several concerns for me. First off, this is my face. Second, those are my teeth. Third, this is a piercing I've wanted for 13 years. I want to make this work and I want to make them all happy. I'm willing to sacrifice my piercing for the sake of my gum/tooth/general face health, just like I was when I removed my tongue piercings.

Here are my list of concerns:

1. Red ring around it: As you can see in the photo, it's a bit red and has a general red ring around the jewelry. I would love for somebody with experience to tell me I'm just paranoid and over reacting, that it's just a normal part of the healing process since the piercing isn't even a week old yet. It's not in pain, it's not hot or throbbing. It's not oozing infection, just what I assume is lymph.

2. Inside of lip: The inside of my lip is starting to remind me of my tongue. It feels like the disc on the back of the jewelry is nesting, if that makes sense. Is this normal? Is this supposed to happen? I googled it- just for the sake of being the paranoid person that WebMDs themselves into hysterics-and saw in a few places people mentioning the bar is too short. It most certainly is not. Any longer and I wouldn't be able to function normally during eating or speech! I was told to come back in on the 14th for a downsize in jewelry. I wish they would do it sooner, to be honest, which brings up my next concern.

3. Jewelry length and teeth: The internal side of this labret (length being the issue here)is causing it to rub on the top front of one of my lower teeth. I'm very careful when I eat and talk, and I do my best when my teeth feel agitated to press it as far forward into my lip as possible. I'm sure that's what's helped cause this 'nesting' issue I previously mentioned. What IS normal, here? I figure it's like the tongue piercing and is fitted with a bar far too long to accommodate initial swelling, then downsized, however how does that take into consideration this nesting thing going on? What is normal and/or expected?

All in all it feels a lot better than it did the first two days. I'm not swollen, I can speak (though carefully due to bar length), I can finally lick my lips, albeit very carefully, or apply chapstick if needed. My piercing itches like the dickens, though, so would there be anything I could do for that, or is that just the torture of the healing process as well? It feels very dry after doing the sss and I'm wondering if that's helping with the stiffness and itchiness I feel in the skin around it between soaks?

I'm blathering. Here's the photo, advice would be very much appreciated at this point! Hopefully I'm just paranoid and my newness at this shines through! Though if all is not well, I'd rather know about it now than later when it's bad. Thanks for reading my late night drabble! Hope to hear from you guys soon.


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Quote JClaude Replybullet Posted: March/05/2013 at 6:15am
I am not a pro.
You are doing  more careful aftercare then I did with mine. I actually did nothing to except my regular oral hygiene.

1- Seems quite normal to have some redness on fresh piercings. The things I can take from personal experience if that piercing healing is not linear, as in it does not keep getting better every day, there up and downs, until things settle. But you seem to be doing fine.

2- Some pocketing of the disk is frequent, I actually like it as it keeps my disk away from my teeth/gums

3- Well, as you noted it is the size, before long you will be able to find a bar just the right size for you, for example I use a 9mm pole on my labret jewelry and it is perfect as I do hate the "antenna" look :-)
However if the problems persists and before damage occurs, you might want to consider labret jewelry with a teflon coated disk.
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Quote Nicolette524 Replybullet Posted: March/05/2013 at 3:27pm
Like JClaude said you are doing more careful aftercare then I did also (and I am very anal about my piercings) Cleaning it too much could also be a reason for it becoming irritated. Ok if you were comfortable with this piercer they most likely pierced it with a way longer labret then needed for swelling. Mine was swollen for a good week. Yes its the worst getting it snagged on towels ect. reading that made me cringe bc I feel for you. Personally after a week and a half I couldn't wait to change it and yes your supposed to wait until healed but my labret was also clicking against my tooth and had it get caught on my tooth twice before I had enough I went and bought a couple labret with the plastic backing and what a difference. It healed so much better and just felt all around better. Try this! Ive had not 1 problem since I changed it. The embedding is normal with healing once its healed you won't notice that

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Quote BigMikeHOOKED Replybullet Posted: March/05/2013 at 11:54pm
I would say that most of your concerns are definitely in the realm of "normal" symptoms of healing. As far as the rinsing five time a day is a lot but not necessarily too much. Try making those 5 times once in the morning right when you get up, once right before you go to bed, and once after major meals. that should be better for fitting it into you work, unless you dont get lunch/dinner break. 
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