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Quote CSquid Replybullet Topic: My Dolphin expirience
    Posted: May/23/2012 at 8:29pm
Awhile ago I was considering getting a PA. Of all pros that made me want to have a PA two cons stood out. Having to use tricks and techniques for peeing and the fact that the PA is very popular. After some research, I came across the Dolphin piercing. For those unaccustomed, a dolphin is two piercings, a PA and a deep PA, connected by a single curved barbell (or ring if the hole are close enough). This eliminated both of the personal cons of a standard PA, while maintain most of the pros of a PA.
I am going to describe the piercing process details that are unique to my dolphin. The omitted details are easily found by reading one of the many PA experience posts.

I should note that my piercer had not performed a dolphin before mine. After discussing what I wanted, we agreed that she had more than enough skill to perform the piercing. Her only concern was that the piercing could potentially cause pinching. Understanding the risk, I opted to proceed. My piercer recommend that the dolphin be completed in two steps, pierce and heal a PA, then pierce the deep PA. So I had a PA pierced. The only thing unique about the initial PA is that it had to be placed slightly deeper than normal, due to my apadravyas. Once the initial healing was complete, I measured from the PA hole to the future location of the deep PA. I chose my circumcision scar as a land mark that could be easily identifiable while both erect and flaccid. I asked my piercer to order a 10ga 1-1/4" curved barbell. We planned on waiting at least 6 weeks, but the barbell didn't arrive on schedule.

About 10 weeks after my PA was pierced, I went in to have the deep PA done. The deep PA was a very similar experience to a PA. The receiving tube was less uncomfortable, maybe due to my urethra being slightly stretched by the PA jewelry. The needle produced a bit more pain, but was still on the scale of a quick pinch. The curved barbell followed the needle in smoothly and the needle/receiving tube were removed. The next step was to slide the barbell out through the original PA hole. This proved to be easier in theory than in practice. There was no pain or blood from the piercing, so the most difficult part of the next 2-3 minutes was containing my laughter to a giggle/chuckle as my piercer was fishing around for the PA hole. Success was achieved with a taper through the PA, mated with the barbell, and used to guide the barbell out.

As it has only been 2 days there is not many details to provide to healing and none for "use". I will give a run down of the past 48 hours. There was essentially no bleeding for the first hour, after that the bleeding was off and on for about the next day. 2 days out the only blood is a faint amount just at the beginning of urination. As the pictures shows I did get a nice bruise. My biggest so far from a piercing, but nothing that concerns me, it will dissipate in a week or so. The first night stood out from the original PA. Nocturnal and morning erections were significantly more painful. The second night was still sore, but no worse than the first few nights with the PA.

All that is left is the healing process, discovering if there is much pinching, and to see how "fun times" go.
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Quote TR_966 Replybullet Posted: May/24/2012 at 2:56am
Very interesting, thanks for sharing.
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Quote Firestarter Replybullet Posted: July/23/2012 at 9:20pm
The dolphin piercing is one of my favorite piercings.  Currenly at 2 gauge and working my way up to 0 gauge.  My most favorite piercings is the ampallang.
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